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I do love spotting and occasionally buying into trends.  I definitely jump on a bandwagon or two every season (seriously though, they’re fun!).  I always go into a trend knowing that eventually they won’t be in vogue.
One trend that I sincerely hopes never ever ever goes out of style are satchels.
They’re popping up everywhere and I need to get my hands on the perfect one.  I’m definitely leaning towards a classic brown, but the fun bright colors are quite tempting.  The shape and size are of utmost importance.
I’m having the hardest time tracking down the perfect one, can you help???
I love the Cambridge Satchel Company satchels, but they’re a smidge larger than I’d like.
Of course, the cute Kate Spade Essex crossbody is sold out.  But that’s definitely the color, size, and shape that I’m feeling!
Have you seen the perfect satchel?  Direct me wherever!!!

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If you actually go to the Cambridge Satchel website you can order a smaller version of the satchel. Good sized cross body bag. I use mine all the time.

Tarheel Prep

I just got a brown leather, vintage Coach satchel that I wear as a cross-body, and I am so in love! Matches everything, fits surprisingly a lot, and given that it's from the 70's and is still on-trend, I don't think it's going out of style any time soon. =)


OMG I am so happy that satchels are in… not only are they so cute but they're comfy. Unlike a regular purse, I feel so hands free 😉

So glad I found your blog… check out mine! I travel all over and blog about my adventures 🙂

Leigh 🙂


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I've got to say, your layout is cute and all, but your logo is HUGE and takes up half my 15 inch laptop screen. Maybe you could consider shrinking that down so we see a good bit of the top post, not just a logo when we load the page.


Satchels are GREAT! I have one -though it's broken and i need to have it fixed!- and they're fantastic. They're cute, comfy and professional *-*


Hey! I am a new follower and a new blogger! Love your style! I actually just purchased the J.crew Edie Purse yesterday! Love it!
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I would love to have you as a guest post!


Classic Dooney and Bourke! (The solid color, non-printed ones). My boyfriend gave me a black vintage one and I love love love it to death 🙂


crewcuts has or at least used to have one that reallyyy reminded me of the kate spade one, but they were neon pink and yellow i think. i love the kate spade one, my sister has it in an army green and its still adorable and goes with a lot. i would keep checking kate spade and jcrew because im sure they'll come out with more….or at least i hope they do(:


I love satchels! I'm more for a cheaper product, though. I usually get my things at Forever XXI or stores like that just in case they go out of style. There's no point in spending a lot on something you may not use in a couple months.


I've got the Kate Spade Essex Scout in the neon citrus color – it's bright yellow, and it was the perfect summertime bag. Now I pull it out to add the perfect pop of color to an outfit. I've been contemplating a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag for ages, and I know I should be sensible and get the brown, however, the neon color bags are simply too wonderful to pass up!


check out nordstroms bp section for cheap options, i was at pentagon city today and there were 2 or 3 awesome choices!