Trinket Trays

I’m not an avid collector, unless you count nail polishes and eyeglasses, but I do have a tendency to let things collect on countertops. These trays are perfection. I have a couple already in my apartment. One on the side table next to my couch that holds matchbooks and another in my bathroom where I keep ponytails and q-tips. I need one for every single room and table in my apartment though. One for my bedside for chapsticks and forgotten ponytails. One for my desk for stamps and business cards. One by the door for spare change and keys. And the list goes on.
Plus, they are just so charming.
Do you collect anything? What would you use a trinket tray for in your apartment/house/room?

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I love these! I think they look great on coffee and end tables – I'm looking for a few for our apartment next year.

amy h @ leopardspot

I have trinket trays everywhere! One by the front door for keys, one for earrings, one for odd and ends on my desk, another for gift cards and coupons… I'm addicted!

xx, Amy