There’s a small chance I’m only obsessed with trousers right now because I can’t wear them at the moment…. but, um, I’m so looking forward to wearing real pants soon. I’m such a creature of comfort, especially when it comes to fashion, and I just love a good pair of jeans. Jeans and a sweater, and I’m good to go.

But I’m like craving a real pants. Trousers. Slacks. Etc. I’ve been teasing myself by online shopping and bookmarking different options that I want to return to and try out when I’m feeling a bit more myself physically. I may start off with some more affordable options while immediately postpartum so I can experiment with styling (and make sure I’m actually reaching for them and not just falling back to my jeans+sweater ways).

Shop some of the pants I’m loving below (and definitely share your favorites if you have one!):



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I highly recommend the Margot trousers from Anthropologie! They’re a cropped flare shape with a seam down the front. The best part is they’re very comfortable. They’re stretchy and have an elastic waist, which may make them a perfect “transition” pant for you 🩷


I had the exact same obsession last spring after I gave birth! I immediately bought a few options from Old Navy because I knew I’d be losing weight and wouldn’t feel guilty about only wearing them a couple months. They have so many stretchy fabric options, it was perfect.
Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!