Lifechanging Wireless Bras

Guys, you’ve let me down! I’m kidding, but when I posted about a new wireless bra I got a thousand people responding saying they only wore wireless bras and welcoming me into the club. Why has no one told me!!! If you haven’t joined the club yet, as the newest member myself let me tell you… give it a try. I can’t stop talking about it.

Originally, I just purchased it to be more comfortable at home. I had been putting on sports bras every day, which are great and comfortable, but don’t do much in the shape department. Within a matter of moments of having the bra on, I was sold. IT FEELS LIKE NOTHING!!!!

Where has this been my whole life???

It looks a little funny when it’s not on, because the cups are very distinct, but I think that’s where the magic comes into play. It doesn’t smoosh you down like a sports bra would, you still 100% have shape. I also like that it comes down a bit farther, almost like a short crop top because it further adds shape and makes it that much more comfortable. No. Digging. Into. Your. Ribs.

I was trying to get away with not posting photos wearing it, but honestly you really have to see it on to understand the beauty of this bra. So comfortable.

While it’s not seamless (the front is sewn onto a back panel) it feels and appears seamless, which is really all that matters. True and Co has a fantastic size chart that will hopefully point you in the right direction for sizing.

I’m wearing the “True Body Lift Scoop Adjustable Bra” in the dulce color and size small. I also bought the v-neck, which is just as comfortable and flattering.

They come in a ton of different styles so you can kind of pick and choose between what you need for your regular wardrobe (swoop neck, v-neck, convertible, racerback, skinny strap, wider strap, etc). I’ll probably order a couple more so I have more necklines/styles depending on what I’m wearing.

Here it is with a t-shirt over the bra!

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Ooooooh looks amazing! My current favourite bras are with wire but without padding. Very comfortable already, but next time I go bra shopping I will try some wireless ones as well!

christina n villecco

Thanks for this review- used your link and just ordered a black and the nude color you have on in the v-neck style 🙂 my lululemon sports bra needs a break and this might do it!


I’ve been really into bralettes for WFH days and weekends for years. I was wearing them to work for a week or so but then one day it was freezing in my office and… super embarrassing situation, even in a sweater. I was very visibly, eh-hem, showing. Are these bras lined enough that they’re good for strong AC?


Late to the club too. I just placed my order! SO excited for these and the *cross fingers* comfort to come!


I have a few wireless bras but I always end up “spilling” over the top because I buy one size smaller so it fits snug in the ribs. When you posted this on Instagram I immediately bought two bras! I like they the scoop neck goes a little higher to prevent the spillage (ha!) problem! Cannot wait for them to arrive!!


Yes!! I recently discovered True & Co from Julia @ Lemon Stripes. As someone that is fairly big chested, they are so comfortable and supportive. Welcome to the club!!


Wireless bras are life changing! I also just discovered them at 31… oh well. My favorite has been the enbliss wireless from Soma.


Hey everyone!
I have only worn wireless as the metal always drove me crazy! By far the most comfortable I have had are the Warner bras. They come in different styles so you have to figure out which one works best for you, but the cloud 9 is super soft and comes in fun colours too (I own a purple and a red on – have some fun!). They also have lots of classic blacks and beige/whites. There are some with extra padding, some without- honestly go check them out! (Nope I don’t work for them, just found what I like).

Kathy Cuse

You look so wonderful in this bra! I’m a 32 HH cup, so I worry my girls would be bouncing around in something like this, but you make it look so good and comfortable, I think I at least have to try.