Tuckernucking in Georgetown

I had the best time in Georgetown this week with the Tuckernuck team. It was a quick, 24-hour trip but it felt like I was there for a week. I arrived Thursday afternoon and co-hosted an event with Sarah at the new Tuckernuck store. If you’re in the DC area, make sure you get to the store (1053 Wisconsin Ave) soon… I’m obsessed. Even if you’re not in the shopping mood (who are you?!) go to meet the Tuckernuck team. I love every single one of them!!! The team has grown so much since I’ve known them, so it was nice to get to meet a lot of the new members. We went out to dinner after the event and ate all the food while catching up and laughing. I didn’t even realize that it was midnight by the time we left!!

Friday was the best weather in the world. To be completely honest, I’ve never considered living in DC. After moving away after graduation, I left and barely looked back. Even when I’ve visited, it never really had that pull. Yesterday, though, was so incredibly gorgeous that I legitimately considered moving. It pulled on my heartstrings in such a big way. I had a moment of clarity where I realized how lucky I was to go to such an amazing school in such a unique town.

Tuckernuck in Georgetown

Both of the days I was in town were also travel days, with many hours sitting on a train. So I went for my go-to: sweater, jeans, and flats. Throwing on a Barbour for walking around town was also a no brainer.

Tuckernuck also has a sale going on right now that I had to mention… 20% off your entire order when you spend $200 or more with code “FRIENDS20” at checkout!!

Monogrammed weekender bag

This monogrammed weekender has gone on almost all of my recent trips. Plaid Scarf

Preppy Fall Outfit Talbots flats

My favorite flats in the entire world. SO comfortable + a great price point. Tuckernuck Sale Weekend travel

Photos by Sophia Newbold

Oatmeal Beanie // Barbour Beadnell (c/o Barbour) // Monogrammed Weekender // Plaid Scarf (c/o) (don’t forget to use “FRIENDS20” for 20% off your order of $200 or more)

Cable Knit Sweater // Jeans // Ballet Flats (c/o)




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Melissa Faye

Every time I see one of your posts, I want to hop onto a train and head to New England. Washington D.C. is also high on my list of places to visit. I bet it is beautiful in autumn. Checking out Tuckernuck now!

Melissa Faye


Carly, this is a great post as always! You’re so adorable and easy to love! Also, loooove your photography! That photo with the leaves in the air is such a great shot and amazing photo of you!


So pretty Carly! It was a dream come true meeting you and Kiel and Sarah (and once again at dinner haha!) Your posts are so great and the photography is amazing. Have a great rest of your stay in Georgetown!

Sydney Green

It was so awesome to come to the Tuckernuck event! I’ve been following your blog for years and I can’t believe I got to meet you in person. I hope you had a blast in DC!


How does the sizing run on that jacket? I want to order a personalized one but need to confirm sizing. I wanted to wear sweaters underneath. Do you feel it’s roomy or runs smaller?


I think they run true to size, but you can definitely go up as well for an extra roomy fit. (I get the US2)


What is the best way to clean your Tuckernuck bag? I know the site says spot clean but the one side brushed up against my car which was a tad dirty at the time and now has black marks. It needs more than a spot clean!!