tumblr + art

My tumblr is in full swing.  If you need more College Prepster in your life, be sure to stop by!
Like my tumblr header???  I did a redesign (…actually two) to differentiate my blog from a few similar looking ones that started popping up.  I did the header as my digital art final project!
I am kind of obsessed with Illustrator.  I could vectorize preppy things all day long.  
My favorite thing about tumblr is that people ask me questions…. so if you ever have a question, you can always ask there (or email, too).
Really awesome pictures float around from time to time…. Look at this gem:
Jackie on Georgetown’s campus!  LOVE.
One last thing…. if you read blogs, but aren’t sure you want to make the big commitment of Blogger or WordPress, you should consider starting a tumblr!!!  Join the cult- haha jk.

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