#TurnToCold with Tide for Earth Day

I’m partnering with Tide for Earth Day (today!). My mom has always used Tide and it’s the only detergent I use (like mother like daughter).
There are so many big ways you can help the environment, but switching to cold water when you do your laundry is so simple and easy… and has a big impact. You end up saving a ton of energy. (Which, bonus! is great for your electricity bill too.)
Switch to washing with cold water for a year and you can save enough energy to…
charge your smartphone for a lifetime.
power your television for four months.
And if everyone in the US switched to cold for a year? We could collectively save enough energy to power the Empire State Building for up to 86 years.
Starting today for seven days, Tide is challenging Americans to switch to washing in cold water. Today I’m taking the #TurnToCold pledge with Tide to switch to washing with cold water only. Tide even makes detergent specifically made for cold water washing, Tide Coldwater Clean, provides outstanding stain removal and color protection while still delivering the clean you expect from Tide while saving energy!

And… if you pledge with Tide to switch to cold water washing, you could be one of five people selected (at random) to have your electric bill paid for month!!! To take the pledge, simply visit Tide on Twitter (@Tide) and retweet Tide’s tweet to take the pledge, which is: I’m switching to coldwater washing to help save energy #TurntoCold.

Join me tonight for a Twitter party from 8:30-9:30pm ET and use #TurnToCold to follow along. Five people who join will win a bottle of Tide Coldwater Clean… and one lucky winner will win a year’s supply of Tide Coldwater.

Follow Tide throughout the week on Twitter for more energy saving facts when you switch to washing in cold water with Tide Coldwater Clean. Click here to learn more about Tide Coldwater Clean.

This post is sponsored by Tide.
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Katie O.

Thanks so much for this post. This is a great cause. I wash all of my clothes in cold water and it's always worked out well for me!

Katherine L

Great post. I've been using this for years, and it works great, especially for my ultra sensitive skin. My only complaint about this post is that you are only recognizing environmental initiatives because it is earth day. I would love to see you promote more sustainable, locally grown/made items on a more routine basis. The point of Earth Day isn't to just celebrate nature on one day or week a year, it's about changing the discourse to include it in our daily lives.