Twinning for Christmas

I was so excited to do this photoshoot with Elsa! I’m sure this will be the first of many. I weirdly wasn’t nervous about making friends when I moved to the suburbs. I’m well-versed in moving, having done it a couple of times in childhood and then moving between school in DC, my first few post-grad years in NYC, a few more years in Connecticut, and a short year in Hoboken. I’ve never struggled to make friends, so even if I’m going in cold, I know it’s only a matter of time.

The biggest thing is that you can’t just sit around in your new apartment or new house and expect a friend to waltz in. It can feel awkward making friends as an adult, but if there’s ONE thing that I’ve learned it’s that nearly everyone is open to new friends. You’re not alone and if YOU want to make a new friend, chances are really good that there’s someone like you out there also hoping to make a new friend in you.

Elsa had been on my radar Instagram-wise for a bit because she was geo-tagging towns that Mike and I were house hunting in. No joke, I took a screenshot of her page because I was like “Oh, she has similar taste to me… and we seem to be into the same things.” I figured I’d reach out if/when we moved. Guess what though. Right when I announced that we moved, Elsa DMed ME! Always a good sign when you’re on the same page. She and I met for coffee and we really instantly hit it off. There was definitely a fun “friend chemistry” right from the get-go. Naturally, we were both crazy busy that summer and our schedules didn’t line up after our first coffee date until after Labor Day. “After Labor Day” became our first inside joke, I’d even say 😂

Anyway… I’ve been really grateful for our friendship!

Draper James Plaid

Teddy and Ham also fell in love with her. I zipped Carter to the train and came home to find the dogs just cuddled up with Elsa totally relaxed on the couch. 🥰

Draper James Plaid Bow   Elsa Massey

Be sure to check out Elsa’s and my Instagram later today for a fun surprise.

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