Two Movies to Watch

I love watching movies. I’ll watch just about anything. From cheesy made for tv movies to scary thrillers to biopics to documentaries. My dream life would be to watch movies and read books all day long in a cozy cabin. A girl can dream
After recommending books earlier in the week, I thought I’d also pop in to share two great movies that I have recently watched.
Batkid Begins

When the story of the kid who used his Make-a-Wish wish to be Batman started circulating the internet, I was immediately drawn in… and I absolutely wasn’t the only one. There are really not enough ways to say how incredible this documentary was. The documentary follows Miles, a five-year-old cancer survivor, as he goes through what has to be the most epic Make-a-Wish ever. The story unfolds from a simple wish to a plan to a production to a worldwide phenomenon. Every person involved just knocked it out of the park, starting with little Miles. It’s amazing.

A Girl Like Her

I was cooking one night, and Garrett was still at work, so I decided to watch this movie. It was the first recommended new release on my Netflix home screen, so I went with it. Did not understand it at first as the filming is a little weird but eventually, I was paying attention and very interested. It’s a mockumentary about high school bullying. It was really good. Kind of think it needs to be required viewing. At one point, I had tears just streaming down my face.

Have you watched any great movies lately?!
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Tori A.

I've been wanting to watch "A Girl Like Her" ever since I saw it on Netflix. I agree: I think it should be a required video for all high school students because of its tremendous message.

Tori A. from Prep For A Day

James Lackey

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