Two NYC Restaurants

I often am overwhelmed by the number of restaurants in NYC. As hard as I try to visit new places, I know I fall into the rut of visiting my favorite tried and true places over and over again or simply ordering in because there’s seemingly always another day for a restaurant adventure.
This week, I’ve gone to two new restaurants though, and I just had to share. It’s reminded me that I really do need to take better advantage of living in a city full of great restaurants!
Amy and I met up downtown for Mexican food at Rosie’s. If you’re in town and the weather is nice enough to eat outdoors, you must stop by here for dinner. The chips and salsa were so good, the tacos were amazing, but the platanos really stole the show. We finished off dinner with churros too, because churros are always a good idea.
I got also got a cucumber and cilantro agua fresca (pictured). So refreshing for a summer night!!!
The second restaurant is Joe’s Shanghai. Garrett and I became friends with our scuba instructor and not only is he a great guy, he knows all the great restaurants. For passing the test, we decided to celebrate by going to one of his favorite NYC spots: Joe’s Shanghai. Oh. My. God. How could I have lived here for three years without going here?! It’s kind of a crazy restaurant (very lively, communal tables), but so worth the experience! The soup dumplings are so good and the General Tso’s chicken is amazing too! (Garrett’s obsessed with the cold noodles.) We’ve already been back for a second visit!

Don’t forget, I have a running list of my favorite NYC spots here!

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Audrey Lin

I could get by NYC without setting foot in a single restaurant because I love the food carts so much! My favorite is lamb over rice. But I know that NYC has many delicious restaurants that I'm missing out on, so I'll be making more of an effort to find some hidden treasures. Thanks for your recommendations! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Hi Carly! I discovered your blog years ago and try to keep up to the best I can. Whenever I miss awhile, I always go back and read old posts. Hence, I ended up here. Living in NYC, you have access to Restaurant Week, which is my favorite time of the year. Lunches are 3-courses for $25 and dinners are 3-courses for $38. I always try to go to restaurants I normally wouldn't go to, usually because of pricing. Here's the link where you can see participating restaurants and their menus:

Happy eating!

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