Yellow Bow Back Dress

I think I hit the jackpot with this dress! Not only does it come in four adorable colors, it has an incredible fit with perfect bow placement. Did I mention that it’s only $52?!
I think it’s the perfect dress to wear to a day outing with flats, date night with cute wedges, or to a somewhat casual wedding with strappy sandals.
A little bit of an a side comment here, but because the dress has these bows, an up-do was a must. With the heat and humidity NYC has been experiencing lately, I was certainly not complaining. I tend to wear braids and pony-tails often, but buns are tricky. When I’m super casual (read: not taking outfit photos), I might have my hair up in a messy bun… They’re pretty bad though. I’m not the girl who can whip up a thick, perfect bun in a snap.
That said, I think I mastered the bun. Or at least I’ve come up with some tricks that help.
– Dirty hair “holds” better in the bun. I took it even one step further and took a shower the night before and got my hair wet but didn’t wash. My hair wasn’t clean so it didn’t poof as much but getting it wet helped reset my locks so they didn’t look greasy. I woke up with fluffy, dirty, mildly wild hair– perfect for taming into a bun.
– I used one of these ponytail holders (swear by these for stay-in-place-ponytails) to secure a ponytail at the crown of my head. And then I twisted and rolled for a typical pony and secured with these little bands.
– I get so much frizz from the humidity. Add in my typical flyaways from having nutso hair when it’s not straightened and it’s a recipe for Miss Frizzle hair. I sprayed my head all over with this hairspray and then pat (not brush) the untamed hair down. 
– Bam! Bunhead!

Bow Back Dress* // Striped Monogrammed Clutch // Espadrilles (on sale, under $100!) // Earrings // Monogrammed Necklace // Similar Bracelet

*Runs small. I’m wearing an XS, but I don’t have a centimeter to spare in there! You do have to wear a bra because the material isn’t that thick, but the strap in the back goes right over your bra strap– so perfect.

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Oh, this looks beautiful on you! I'm definitely ordering one, especially considering he fact that the bra strap is concealed!