UGG and Her Campus

I was so excited to model for Her Campus and UGG a few weeks ago. The features are all live on and I’d love it if you’d check it out! It was super snowy the day we shot everything, so it was great to be in a spring state of mind and forget about the cold weather for a few hours.
(Plus, normally my feet really hurt after long photo days, but with UGG I was comfortable all day long– Ha! Definitely a plus as far as I’m concerned.)
The Her Campus girls are absolutely so much fun. Somehow we squeezed eight people and a rambunctious puppy into my tiny apartment and still had a great time.
(For the record, I basically don’t take these slippers off when I’m in my apartment… love.)

Look One // Look Two // Look Three
* UGG/Her Campus gifted the three shoes to me!
There are tons of pictures on all the looks (including some adorable cameos from Teddy!).
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love you and I will always be a fan of your blog. I also like all the looks in this post, don't get me wrong. I just don't enjoy these kind of posts (looks) so often. I really miss the old Carly, the organize please posts, little tips and tricks you gave us. I know, it's a bit different now, when your blog is your job, but don't let the money overpower the old spirit…


Emily N

I love your blog regardless, but it seems like you're doing a lot of sponsored posts lately. I know you have to pay the bills, but at what point is enough enough? Like said above, I miss the old Carly's posts. Please cut back on the sponsored posts.


Thanks for the feedback! This actually isn't a sponsored post… I just wanted to share something fun I got to do with Her Campus + Uggs! I wasn't paid 🙂


Hi Carly-

I've been a fan for a very long time, and I hate to leave this comment, but being "paid" isn't just with a check aka money. Compensation can also be goods, in lieu of a check. The company (either Ugg or Her Campus) let you keep their product that you showcased, and the product has a monetary value, so thus you were compensated for your time and services. I get why you might not what to say they are c/o-ed, but they are- the Ugg shoes are have been given to you, "courtesy of" either the Ugg company, or Her Campus.
Just have some disclosure, it won't scare us off, I promise!

Christina Quinn

Love that you highlighted several different Ugg styles – I think people tend to assume that all Uggs are like the second pair shown, but my two favorite pairs of tall, leather boots are actually Uggs. Everyone is always shocked when they find out!

Also, on a side note, your hair looks fab in these pictures! 🙂

Megan June

I love that this post high lighted different styles of Uggs…and that Uggs are more than just a brand that carries boots. You look adorable as usual!

Jane Yuan

I'm OBSESSED with the Chivon style. I basically live in boat shoes and these look so perfect! But I'm not adventurous in dress at all so I think I would get the navy pair.

Mackenzie Mitchell

I see that your bedroom wallpaper is from Anthropologie… love it! Did you install it yourself? I've been eyeing it for my bedroom for quite a while now, but am hesitant because of the price. What are your thoughts on it? Also, where did you get your "live colorfully" pillow?