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Ultimate Gift Guide for Men

I had way too much fun pulling this list together. It’s kind of lumped all together, so definitely take your time going through the different things. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I know that not all the gifts work for all men, but I tried to include all kinds of fun things for the boys and boys at heart.

(Not going to lie, I would take a few things for myself….)

I know men are so hard to shop for, so I’m hoping this list of 31 items either helps you find the perfect thing for the perfect person, or is a good jumping off point for your own search!

Men Gift Guide

Brooks Brothers Monopoly Game // Monogrammed Knife // Copper Pour Over

Watch Box // Bean Boots // Monogrammed Socks Set // Patagonia Puffer 

Compass Navigator for Bikes // Travel Shoe Bag // Monogrammed Dopp Kit

Drone // Embroidered Fox Corduroys

Temperate Open Terrarium // Bose Wireless Headphones // Polaroid Camera

Mini Bean Bag // Allbirds // Sunglasses

Road Trip Book // Film Scanner // Insulated Tumbler

Adidas Sneakers // Pac Man Arcade Game // iPhone + Watch + AirPod Charger Stand 

Yoga (Man)ual Set // “What If?” Book // Burts Bees Set

Micro+ 3D Printer // Lomography Instant Camera

Nintendo Classic System // Bluetooth Earmuffs

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Wait what I need to hear more about that roller bottle! I can’t reaaaally tell what it is–even on the UO site–but my mind immediately went to a water bottle/foam roller hybrid… which sounds intriguing… // Love those embroidered pants! I feel like those are pants the men in my life would never buy for themselves but wouldn’t mind wearing if they had them in their closet, because well, they wear just like any other pair of pants. But they look so gooood. // My dad got everyone in our family Airpods! It’s so nice to be able to move around without having to worry about knocking things over with my wires 😛 I think those are a nice, practical gift. // I just bought myself a Uniqlo ultra light down jacket <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Thanks Carly! Where would you suggest I can find a monogrammed leather wallet? (Under $100?)

Grace Klein

Hi Carly!

While I love so many of these ideas, I think it would be really helpful if you included a line or two about why you’re choosing each item. Even just for some of the items. Thanks!

Southern & Style

I think dopp kits are a great gift for men-especially if you purchase them a really nice one like the personalized one that you have shown here! My sister gifted my husband one two years ago for Christmas and it has held up so well on all of our trips.

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


I just got the monogrammed watch box and the charger stand for my husband! Thank you SO much, I was stumped on what to get him!!


Are you still making gift guides… because I would love a guide for group/hostess gifts! I’m traveling cross-country to spend Christmas with my friend and their family for the first time (I’ve never even met their family!) and I’m trying to think of a hostess/family gift to get everyone and send ahead of time.