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Everyone experiences a funk now and then when getting dressed in the morning.  You want to dress nicely and you want to look cute and you want to be fashionable…
But it’s too hot.
Or you woke up too late.
Or you’re feeling lazy.
Or your favorite dress is at the dry cleaners.
Or you’re just running errands.
Or you don’t want to “waste” a cute outfit.
I feel ya.  Sometimes I have the best intentions when getting dressed, but then I’m standing in my closet and… silence.  Nothing feels good or looks good.  I’d much rather pull on a pair of easy (and comfortable) shorts and a cheap t-shirt and call it a day.
Okay.  So now I’m comfortable, but no so happy.  The shorts and t-shirt look gets a little boring.
Statement necklaces.
They come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, prices… you name it.  There’s one for every outfit.  One for every personal style.  And one for every price point.
I recruited Sporty Sister and some friends for the pictures.  They were so into it- despite the insane heat.  The pictures are literally proof that you can look cute, and be comfortable… even in the worst of weather.
 Necklaces featured above and below are from Francesca’s Collections

Necklaces featured above and below are from Baubles… etc., a boutique in South Tampa.

Are you into statement necklaces?  What do you think of dressing up the casual jeans and t-shirt look with a big necklace?

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I totally know that frustrated feeling staring blankly at my closet some mornings! I think statement necklaces can dress up any casual outfit. And not only do they come in tons of colors/shapes/sizes, but you can find them super cheap! Target has a variety of statement necklaces, most for under $20! You can see some of them here:

p.s- love your blog!

Girl Reporter

Yes, I love statement necklaces! I'm really liking the necklaces from Francesca's so I guess I'll definitely check the one out in my neighborhood.


this entire summer has been frustrating, shoulder surgery which left me unable to move it and in a big ugly sling has made it impossible to get into anything other than shorts and tee shirts!


I LOVE this idea.. I'm always looking for big accessories to brighten the days when all I have energy for is jeans and a tee. I didn't even think to look at Francesca's but I will now!

North Shore Prep

Loving the photos! Statement necklaces are definitely my go-to piece when I'm feeling lazy getting dressed. I'll have to check out the Francesca's by my house…I've never really gone in there but I keep hearing great things! XO


I am LOVING those dark denim cuffed shorts! Where are they from? My summer has been all about high waisted shorts and those would be a great addition to my collection, especially to pair with a statement necklace 🙂


Haha, I definitely know that feeling you described! I only own one statement necklace, perhaps I should pick up a few more.


I <3 statement necklaces. I also have a few chunky bracelets if I'm not in the mood for a necklace! Target and Claire's are GREAT for this kind of stuff.


I just stumbled upon your blog/site this evening, and I have enjoyed reading a female's perspective on preppy style. Also, I love Georgetown! It is one of my favorite places to go shopping! Keep up the good work!