I don’t think girls should ever chew gum in public. It just looks bad. And for some people, sounds bad too.
In class, the girl next to me was chewing gum. She went through 4 pieces, as in spitting a piece out and replacing it. Oh my lord. It drove me up the wall.

Mints are much more polite. They are discrete and can easily be tucked in your mouth. No one will even know that you’re freshening your breath 🙂 Plus, they are much, much, much quieter.

I am very picky about what mints I eat. There are two things that make me gag: sushi and strong peppermint flavors. Weird, I know. I’m obsessed with Starlight mints, Icebreakers, and the soft “baseball” mints.
Is anyone else bothered by gum chewing???
-College Prepster
PS One of my friend’s mothers related chewing gum loudly to a cow chewing cud. Haha.

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Southern Living: Preppy Style

You are NOT kidding! That is one of my biggest pet peaves. Chewing in general (and with your mouth shut). I haven't been to a movie in years because I can't stand the popcorn chewing! It's just so rude and unladylike (and ungentlemenly-like).


There are all kinds of people in the world…so many annoy, so many disagree, and so many will continue this throughout one's lifetime. It is just the beginning for you and not everyopne's bad habits can be corrected. Trust me!!!

Preppy 101

My mother used to say the same thing about chewing gum. And it's true if you've ever watched someone chewing with their mouth open. Good Post!! xoxo


The picture of the girl with the freckes and bubble gum bubble could almost be a Norman Rockwell painting. He did so many like that. I do love that picture, bobble gum bubble included…it is adorable!!! Not for class though!!!


I completely agree about the rudeness of gum, especially in academic settings. There's nothing worse than writing an exam while a girl across the room chews gum with her mouth open and then proceeds to pop it. So irritating! It's why I have to carry ear plugs with me to exams.


I actually disagree with you, unless it is overly disrupting. It is certainly not appropriate at an office situation either. But I do love gum.


I actually don't like when people is obsessively chewing gum all the time. Although, studies have shown that gum after eating is very good for digestion, and minty ones are good when you're studying.
Amazing blog, this is definately going to my markers 🙂

(I'm sorry if my english is not so good. I'm chilean)


I can understand if you get annoyed with gum chewing but calling it unladylike for women to chew it is a very misogynistic thing to say.