Updated: “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit

It’s been a while since I first wrote about my “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit so I figured it was time for an update.
The kit is amazing, if I do say so myself. Have you ever been in a situation where you think, “Oh my gosh, I wish I had a [fill in the blank]!”? Well, I certainly find myself in those situations all the time. Yes, I tend to panic a bit (okay, a lot) more than the average person. But I have to say, this is something that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of whether or not she’s a Nervous Nancy like me.
Every time someone thinks it’s dumb, they always come to me when they have their own OMG moment. Every. Single. Time. Seriously, making fun of the kit is like a curse. You’ll need it.
I’ll share what I carry in mine, but definitely consider the moments where you wished you had something. Add it to your own!!
It seems like a lot of stuff, but as long as you look for tiny pieces to stash in your case. Speaking of cases, I recommend looking for something that won’t show dirt. I have a canvas clutch… and it shows its age. Cosmetic cases are great because they’re lined and often have a plastic-type outer shell. Plus, they’re the kind of cases that can be toted around anywhere. Throw it in your purse, your work bag, your backpack, a weekender. Wherever you’re headed, make sure you’ve got your kit with you.
Seriously. Just like the iPhone Flashlight App… you don’t realize you need it, until you need it.
Let’s deep dive into the contents of the kit:
Ear Plugs | When I’m super anxious… these are essentially life savers. Block out all the noise and I already feel better. These come in individual packets and I always have a few packs at the ready.
Sewing Kit | Whenever I’m in a hotel, I snag a sewing kit. They are handy. I’ve absolutely sewn on shirt buttons, used needles to get out splinters, and even safety pinned a baggy skirt. The hotel kits are the perfect size.
Band-Aid Blister Block | Sometimes even the most comfortable shoes can result in blisters after miles of city walking. Bonus, Blister Block has a secret use!
Pill Box | I am prone to headaches and they tend to come at the wrong times. Read: the worst times. I always have a few aspirins and Excedrins on me.
Headphones | I actually typically carry three of these on me at all times! Somehow they always end up in pockets, the bottom of handbags, or back at my desk in the office. Seriously, why can I never remember to put them back! That’s why I always have a few options!
Mobile Charger | Lifeguard Press sent me a Lilly Pulitzer portable iPhone charger and it’s amazing. My phone battery makes me super nervous. Instagram and subway tunes always drains the battery even before dinnertime! Eep!
Burt’s Bees | Do you need to know anything more about this? I’m addicted.
Thumb Drive | I pretty much use Dropbox nowadays, but a flash drive still comes in handy. I store certain documents on here and I always back up projects in case I can’t access the interview somewhere.
Faux Pearls | It’s great to have a spare pair on you in case you forget to put your earrings in that day. Do you feel naked without earrings? I DO!!! It drives me crazy, so now I always have an extra pair with me just in case.
Band-Aids | I have bandages in my wallet and in the kit. You can never have too many Band-Aids!!!
Lipstick | I don’t wear it every day, but I like to have it with me in case I find myself heading into an important meeting or drinks after work. Uber Beige is the perfect shade.
Pony Tail Holders | You can never have enough. The crease frees are perfect for when you need to quickly pull your hair back or when you get caught in the rain. (Happens all the time to me!)
Money | I always fold up a twenty and keep spare quarters with me. Cash only cafes are never a problem with my “emergency twenty.” (Yes, coffee counts as an emergency.)
Toss into a cosmetic case like this one from Kate Spade and you’ll always be prepared!
What would you add to your kit?

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LOVE this! I keep something similar in my car (in the south we don't do subways) for emergencies. I keep a spare pair of stockings and socks in there too since I'm forever getting a run right before an important meeting or presentation!

Brynna Rachelle

My little kit/makeup case has: headphones, blotters, chapstick, motrin, perfume, handcream, sanitizer, hair bands, bobby pins, panty liners, nail file, post its, thumb drive, extra camera battery, rosebud salve, hot pink lipstick (for last minute night outs), mints, and a little bit of chocolate. but I love the idea of the earrings, and I really need an iPhone backup charger but I have yet to find one for iPhone 5 that isn't like $100. A lot more than I realized, but it all fits very neatly into my beautiful Kate Spade makeup case. It has cute little hedgehogs on it!


I literally gasped when I saw this post!! Ever since I packed up my first OMG kit (which has come in handy a plethora of times), I've been hooked on filling it with everything from hand santizer, to eyedrops. You name it, I might have it if it comes in a travel size and fits in a makeup bag! I LOVE the update!! -Rachel

Edel Therese

That is such a good idea, I'm definitely doing this!! I would include batteries for my camera because they always seem to run out at the wrong times!


This is a great idea! I always find myself needing bandaids (heels…) or chapstick and hairties. This is my kind of OMG kit!

Stephanie Bartolomé

It's so hard to fit everything you could possibly be in a small case! I had to fit my OMG kit/wallet in a Vera Bradley wristlet during recruitment. I managed to fit my school ID (which luckily doubled as a debit card), lip balm, eye liner, mascara, band-aids (hello, heels!), bobby pins, a small notepad, a pen, and a pill box. Oh, and my phone fit in there as well!

I have no idea how that all fit, but my Rho Gamma (recruitment guide) was throughly impressed when I tossed it in her bag.

I totally agree with Brynna, where the Lilly chargers at for iPhone 5 users?!

Uber Beige is a really great color, but I found that Sandwash Pink enhances my natural lip color really well. Its amazing with Kiehl's lip balm as a base. I love Bobbi Brown's selection of more natural colors!


I need to do something like this! But I agree with Stephanie, lotion is also a MUST! 🙂 Definitely!!

And I thought I was the only one about the earrings thing! Now I don't feel so weird! 🙂 LOL


Cough drops and ibuprofen are essentials! I also carry an extra glasses cleaning cloth and nail clipper. My husband complains about how much I carry, but I save him every. single. time.


Excedrin is an essential to me. I never go anywhere without it. Even during the recall, I had a personal back stock. You never think it could make such a difference, but having a headache really is the worst. My mother always encourages me to keep a bandaid or two in my wallet, as she does. I don't usually carry all these things, but it would probably make my life easier! Especially the battery boost. I just got a Kate Spade Gia pouch. Wasn't sure what I could use it for, now I know 🙂 !


Excedrin is an essential to me. I never go anywhere without it. Even during the recall, I had a personal back stock. You never think it could make such a difference, but having a headache really is the worst. My mother always encourages me to keep a bandaid or two in my wallet, as she does. I don't usually carry all these things, but it would probably make my life easier! Especially the battery boost. I just got a Kate Spade Gia pouch. Wasn't sure what I could use it for, now I know 🙂 !


Absolutely love this idea. I rarely have everything I need with me and even though I've had my fair share of "I wish I had moments", I've done nada to rectify the situation…until now. I'm preparing my kit today! Lol!

~The Preppy Hippy


ADORE this- so helpful! I use a Kate Spade Georgie for my emergency kit, but I definitely need to spruce it up with some of your suggestions! A thumb drive is such a good idea, as are fake pearls– sure enough, I forgot to put in earrings the other day and could not shake the feeling of nakedness without them. And yes to emergency 20s– always have one of those tucked in as well 🙂


Love this idea! I should put one in my car! I think I would add gum/mints and floss! I'm always in need of floss…oh and maybe a Tide-to-go pen. I have the worst luck with soap bottles, and they always shoot out soap on to my shirts and stain them. Maybe some emergency socks as well. I always unexpectedly find shoes I want to try on the days I'm not wearing socks. Okay, so I may need a giant box in my trunk…haha at least I'll be prepared!



I love this. I have one as well… mine has lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter stick, hand sanitizer, hand cream, ponytail holders, bandaid friction stick, bandaid, altoids (tiny tin), eye drops, two Tylenol, an Alka-Seltzer packet, a nail file, perfume, chapstick, blotters, safety pin, tiny swiss army knife, ear plugs and thumb drive. You've inspired me to add my faux pearl studs, as I too can't stand leaving the house minus earrings! It sounds like a LOT, but it all fits in one normal-sized makeup bag that's not overstuffed. I have VERY TINY versions of everything. 🙂


Love your OMG kit and I started putting one together last week, thinking, "I don't need a spare pair of earrings"
Guess what I needed this morning? Yup


Carly, just made one of these recently after remembering this blog post. Totally came in handy when I needed a band-aid today. Thanks so much for the tip!


Very late to the comment party on this one … but I think it is a brillant idea! I keep a kit like this in my work desk – whether I use it for myself or for one of my co-workers, it always comes in handy!!


Hey! Been following you since 2012 🙂 I still carry “OMG I wish I had a…” kits with me and I am back on this post because I’m putting together a new one. Do you still carry one? Could you do a 2019 update? Would love to see what you carry with you now!