Valentine’s Day Outfits: THINK PINK

Are you one of the lucky girls with dates for Valentine’s Day?
There is one rule for getting dressed:
There is no such thing as too much pink.
I’m talking about pink nail polish, pink headbands, pink bracelets, pink purses, pink rings.
Don’t hold back!
Spritz yourself with Pink Sugar perfume if you must!
As Eloise so eloquently put it, “THINK PINK- A better way of life.”

Valentine- Fancy Dinner

Whether your dining at the fanciest restaurant in town… or heading to the cozy diner where you had your first date, be sure to dress your best!

Valentine's Day- Casual Dinner

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Bridget Langston

ahh! i love love love love love. these.
could you make MORE outfits? like more for school?
meep, im running out of ideas! thanks. xo.


I've had a hot pink, flowered headband that I haven't been able to figure out what to wear with…… thanks for posting the 2nd outfit! I know exactly what my Valentine's Day outfit will be now!

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