If you follow on Snapchat (collegeprepster) or Instagram, you may have seen bits of my weekend trip to Vermont. Victoria, my friend from college, has a house up there and we really had one of the best weekends ever. 
Victoria was my first friend at Georgetown. She gave me a tour of the school when I visited with the rowing team during my senior year of high school. As girls on the men’s team, we became even closer over the years and eventually lived together my junior year. (I called her “Little V” on the blog back then!) It was incredibly hard for me when she graduated and moved to the UK for graduate school. She’s been overseas for so many years that I’ve only really seen her a handful of times (like the HOCR). But now she’s back stateside and living in Rye, which means we’ve been able to hang out a lot more. Technology is great, we’ve stayed in touch over text messages and gchat, but there’s nothing quite like being able to see each other in person!
V took the train right after work on Thursday to me and I drove us up to her house. I’ve never driven more than an hour and a half at one time so it was going to be an interesting drive. We always have a lot to catch up on so the five hour drive went by pretty quickly. Both of us worked all day Friday watching an unexpected snowfall from inside and her parents (+ her two dogs Charlotte and Eloise) made it in time for dinner.
Their house is literally the best. A true ski house. It really made me consider buying a house like this at some point. (Before kids…) I just think it’d be fun to go up on weekends. Spend summers outside, like a family summer camp. And winters cozied up, skiing during the day and relaxing at night. I seriously had a vision of Vermont Thanksgivings and Christmases and summer vacations… 
Victoria’s mom, Victoria, the three pups, and I went for a GREAT hike on Saturday. Hiking is becoming one of my favorite things to do on weekends. The group of us enjoyed every minute of it– especially the dogs. 
After the hike, we spent the afternoon moving wood around the property to dry for next winter. I couldn’t stop laughing at how tiny Victoria looked on the tractor. The dogs somehow had enough energy to romp around some more while we loaded and unloaded.
We took things slow on Sunday. Victoria went for a ridiculous bike ride (don’t be fooled by her tiny stature, that girl is a beast) and I opted to get some work done in a cafe. We did a tiny bit of shopping before packing up the car and hitting the road. Not before we picked up coffee and maple sticky buns for the drive though!
^^ That house will do… 😉

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You and Garrett should ski Jay Peak up near the Canadian border in VT! Definitely a quintessential Vermont town.

Karen J

It's great seeing you two at it again! I am curious as to how Victoria's experience studying abroad was? I was just accepted into a graduate program in the UK and am equal parts anxious and excited!!

Laura Cronin

I've only been to Vermont two times but both trips were so nice! These are making me want to take a trip back (and get maple sticky buns). It must be nice to be able to reconnect with her after so many years living far away!

Laura Aime Vous