Vespa Dreaming

So among the list of things I’m afraid of… motorcycles is pretty high up there. I mean, bikes, in the city, scare me. (I won a bike while I lived in DC and the thought of riding it anywhere where cars were around was enough to give me a panic attack.)
My sister and dad both have “scoots” and they are fun and easy to zip around on, but still scary. Stace crashed hers the first week she had it and broke her wrist. Thanks, but no thanks. I think the only time I’ve ever been on a two-wheeled-anything-with-a-motor was when I was seven in Bermuda. And I don’t even remember it at all. Probably my body blocking out the traumatic event. You know.
However… these little Vespas have certainly caught my eye. Maybe I would be okay with one of these little guys. Hmm, well at least it’s fun to dream!
How beautiful is this little Vespa with the flowers! 
I think that Audrey Hepburn is having a lot more fun than I would have… that’s for sure!
How much would you like to ride around town on a Vespa?

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I am terrified of biking around cars too! It's seriously one of my biggest fears and totally gives me panic attacks just thinking about it. But, a Vespa I could totally do! Everyone out here in Hawaii has one and I totally want an aqua one. Definitely on my list.


I just put that Inslee photo on my post for tomorrow of Sunday Loves! I'm studying abroad in Europe in the fall and I just want to be that chic girl zipping around the various countries on a Vespa!


My roommate has a vintage Vespa exactly like the one in the first picture (she never rides it though). I'm honestly terrified of them because in my mind, they're like motorcycles…two wheels and an engine, I'm not getting on!


My parents have a vespa, and I'm trying to get my permit so that I can ride it to and from work. I like that it costs less to fill the tank, but I'm still a little nervous to take it on busy roads. I love the first illustration. 🙂


I'm thinking of getting a 250 motorcycle haha! 🙂 They are fun to ride around on, but the one thing that's preventing me from actually getting one is other people. I mean you're a safe driver, you know what you're doing, but other people NEVER look out for you! My friend got into a really bad accident, but thank god he was wearing motorcycle gear that prevented him from getting hurt any more! Let's just say getting thrown off of a motorcycle at howmanymph? onto the road is not fun at all… I shiver thinking about it. But I think it'll be great on saving gas, a motorcycle holds more than a car… except I'll be having to carry my motorcycle stuff around lol.


Every time I see a Vespa, I think of the Lizzie McGuire movie and when she and Paolo are riding around on that Vespa and it's basically every girl's romantic European dream.

So I don't think I could ever really own one, but my inner European would love to ride around on one with a cute boy 🙂


My first thought when I saw that Inslee sketch was, my that looks an awful lot like the Dear Stella girl (a fabric company I used to work for). Indeed, she IS the Dear Stella girl!

Mary Robinette

I need some business cards. Can you make me some with the girl on the bike? Vespa. the girl reading the map!! Thanks!!!