Not the Little V Victoria…. Victoria’s Secret.

Before I even begin, Victoria’s Secret makes me extremely uncomfortable. Anything about undergarments makes me uncomfortable. [Side note: I could never bring myself to say the “b” word…. I can’t even type it without cringing… we referred to bras…AH… as bananas in our household for a long time.]

I was waiting in the mall for my laptop to get fixed and was bored and decided to pop into VS. I saw the most amazing pajamas ever!

I love pajama bottoms. Right now my favorites are:

  • Ralph Lauren red tartan
  • Pink & White striped Aerie with embroidered hearts
  • J. Crew boxers
I’m pretty boring and will typically wear a big regatta shirt or a crew tank to sleep.

BUT, how FABULOUS are these pajamas from VS???

I really wish I had taken pictures of the ones in the store…. There were so many other cute and preppy patterns that I can’t find on the website.



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Hi honey! Thanks so much for the tumblr lovin! Maybe next week you can play along too! Mwah! xoxo