This Little Piggy

One thing we were all looking forward to during our Bahamas trip was visiting Noname Key to see the pigs. My sister has been a couple of times with her friends and kept saying how much I’d love it. (Well, she warned that the big pigs might freak me out… and she was right ha!)

We had plans to visit Baker’s Bay that afternoon so we had to squeeze the pigs in that morning. With the schedule we actually considered skipping it altogether; so glad we didn’t! We ended up going bright and early– pretty sure it was around 8 am. Not an ideal time to be donning bathing suits when the islands were experiencing a “cold front,” but it was 100% worth it.

It was pretty chilly though so the pigs weren’t swimming. We just walked up and down the shore. The best part of going so early? No one else was there!!! Bloggers frequently work angles to make it look like no one is there, but in this case, it really was empty.

No Name Cay

Mackenzie was legit a pig whisperer. She may be afraid of cats, but pigs? No problem!

Swimming Pigs Bahamas

This little guy was the cutest one of the bunch. And very hungry. We chopped up apples on the boat and brought them out with us. I can’t tell you how happy they were to munch on the apples!

No Name Cay Swimming Pigs

Kelly was much braver than I was with the momma pigs!

Bahamas Vineyard Vines

After our pig excursion, we wanted to jump off the boat. By “we,” I mean Mackenzie. She’s a great peer pressurer, all in the name of fun, of course. (The things she has gotten me to do over the years…. some you would literally never believe, ha!) I figured Mackenzie wouldn’t give up until I said yes, so I got on board right away and Kelly followed suit shortly after.

We told Sean he has one try to get the shot because we were only going to do the jump once. He did get the photos on the first try (see our dry hair?!) but we had so much fun that we actually did the jump again. I was freezing and the water was definitely warmer than the air. It also just felt good to be floating in the water again– I missed that.

Jumping off a yacht

On Mackenzie: top + bottom

On me: top + bottom (reversible!!!)

On Kelly: top + bottom

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Aww the little piglet is so cute! Jumping off a boat seems like a lot of fun… Whenever I’m on a boat, I always have a strong urge to jump off, but I’m never supposed to so I don’t but I want to. I think about that a lot 😛 Looks like the three of you had such a fun time! (Oh and I’m totally one of those people who work angles or wait until people walk out of frame to get my shots haha) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Love this post! These photos are so beautiful, and it looks like you guys had an absolute blast!!

Haintso Rakouth

OMG those pigs are so cute!!! This is definitely on my bucket list.