Vineyard Vines T-Shirt Dress

I had another post scheduled for today but did some rearranging on my calendar for this instead. I am the world’s biggest sucker for soft and comfortable t-shirt dresses. Since I work from home, I typically keep things super casual (lots of jeans!), but the summer is so challenging. I keep reaching for running shorts and then have to change every time I have an errand to run or a quick lunch meeting to catch. 
I popped into the Vineyard Vines store in Greenwich to pick out an outfit for my meet and greet tonight. The minute I saw this t-shirt dress, I knew I needed it. And once I tried it on and loved it even more than I thought I would, I was completely sold. It is SO COMFORTABLE. Like easy to throw on, no need to worry about wrinkles, soft and cozy comfort. I’m not wearing for the in-store event, but I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for it in my closet every day that I can.
Two other random notes while we’re here…
1. I’m putting together a tutorial about how I’ve been curling my hair. I keep getting emails and Snapchat requests, so it is coming! I feel like, at 26 years old, I’ve finally figured out how to manage my wild mane. 
2. The diamond necklace that I’m wearing is extra special. I also keep getting questions on where to find it. My mom had a necklace taken apart recently and gave the smallest diamond to my sister Stacy and the medium size to me. And she kept the largest. (She did a similar thing with the diamond earrings she’s received from my dad throughout the years. Her first and smallest pair went to Stacy, and I got one of the medium sized pairs.) Stacy had a gorgeous ring made with her diamond, and I wanted a necklace. I love the way it turned out; it’s something I’ll treasure forever. (This necklace looks just like it if you’re looking for something similar!!)
I also picked up a white baseball cap. I love the contrast with my dark hair. I have so many navy caps, and they end up just blending in with my head. 
One thing I’ll never get used to in Connecticut: sweltering during the day and being very chilly once the sun sets. In Florida, it’s hot regardless of the time and regardless of whether the sun is out or not. Here, I always have to add a sweater or jacket to my outfit just for when it cools off at night. Tying around the waist has been my go-to look lately. 

(Let me know if you’ll be by the meet and greet on the Upper East Side tonight!)

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Tori A.

This casual look is super adorable! I have darker hair as well, so I love how light-colored hats stand out against it!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day


Love this look— pinning for later because this is super similar to outfits I put together!

Alexa |

Laura Cronin

Love that T-shirt dress! My mom recently let me start wearing my grandma's ring and when I get compliments on it I tell them it's even more special that it's a family heirloom! Thanks for sharing!

Laura | Laura Aime Vous