VoyVoy Clothing

VoyVoy is a super cool brand of mens clothing that one of my friends from Georgetown started. It’s been super cool to see how much the brand has grown since we graduated. (He’s doing it fulltime right now in NYC and crushing it!)
VoyVoy t-shirts are super cute. The pocket is especially cool because you can pull it out and make it look like a pocket square. It’s just so fun! There are also oxford shirts now and I am obsessed. Seriously, if you have a guy in your life… you need to get one for him. They’re COOL.
I mean, that’s cute… but it gets better.
There’s a Microsuede patch hidden that’s perfect for cleaning iPhones and eyeglasses and sunglasses. Now that is genius. (When are the girl versions available?!)
Oh hey cute pocket square!

 photo VoyVoy-Animation2_zps08d58e19.gif

Go check out VoyVoy!!


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Oh my. My world just changed. How come no one had thought about this before?! Great job, guys! I'm off to shop…


Wow! This looks like the coolest brand. If I had a man in my life there's no doubt I'd get something. Love the simplicity and the little twists of genius like the pocket square and the micro suede! So AWESOME.

Hunter Thiers

Oh my gosh these are so cute! I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear things like this! They always look so good!