Walking on Sunshine

… and don’t it feel good!

Soccer Mom just purchased these J. Crew flats.  They’re really cute and perfect for dressing up casual outfits a little bit.
The only problem is that they’re super super super flat.  I mean, nothing.  Hard and flat.  Soccer Mom’s heels were killing her.  We just happened to be in Target and picked up these Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Inserts.
The inserts are for high heels, but work for flat shoes as well.
Look!  You can hardly even see the insert.  And you can’t see them at all when you’re actually wearing them.

The heel support is great and there is a smidge of arch support as well.

Non-slip grip for the balls of the feet.
Great flats… made even better by Dr. Scholl’s!
Have you tried these out before?

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I'm so happy to see the jcrew flats again!! I was just talking to my sister about not seeing them lately! Were they from the outlet or a store? I never thought of putting inserts in them, fab idea!!!

♡ bAs

WOW great find! My mom has the same problem, even in Jacks. I will definitely tell her to check these out!


I love Dr. Scholl's inserts. I have used them a lot & they are great!

Shruti D.

Such a great idea! I use these for my heels but I was wearing a pair of very flat flats yesterday in 95 degree weather and I think the underside of my feet actually burned! These might help.
(Seriously, no shoes seem to work for long hours in hot weather except my trusty J Crew flip-flops!)