warm coats

Oh brother.  It’s cold.
When the sweltering heat gets to me in August, I always crave cooler weather.  Cool, being the operative word.  I like cool.  Freezing cold… notsomuch.  I recently had Soccer Mom send me up the box of winter clothes I packed before I left for school.  It got here in the nick of time.
I have had the same J. Crew peacoat since high school:
Flashback Moment:
(note: we all have a J. Crew coat!)
I personally love J. Crew coats, especially ones with Thinsulate.  They’re a bit more money, but they’re much warmer!!!
If you can’t get your hands on a J. Crew peacoat, there are many other cute coat options:

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I love my Red American Eagle Peacoat. The plaid inside makes it that much cuter and it always keeps me warm. It's on the shorter side though so I mix it up with the longer Black Calvin Klein peacoat I've had since my first year at Carolina.


I have a really cute duffel coat from Boden! But I love the look of peacoats, too; perhaps I'll have to invest in a J. Crew one another year.


I have a J. Crew Lady Day coat in black that I love and wear almost every day to work in the winter. For the weekends, I have an antique U.S. Navy peacoat (still has the sailor's name stitched on the inside) that my dad picked up at a thrift store years ago.