watercolors :: citrus

I love summer.
I used to hate the heat and, frankly, I still kinda do.  But it’s so nice to have your body completely engulfed in warm air.  I’ve been trying to run every morning.  I really despise running.  Except, I love the feeling of ending a long run.  Unfortunately, running when it’s 95 degrees out is awful.  Fortunately, there’s a great breeze that comes off the bay when I run down Bayshore.
I normally do a little cool down walk before coming inside the house.  My routine is to change out of my workout clothes and slip into a light dress (or robe) to cool off and slice a large grapefruit.
Citrus just tastes that much better in the summer.
Inspired by summer (and not painting as much when I’m at school) and by my morning citrus ritual, I decided to paint some citrus!!!

Mouth watering yet?

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The Gameday Girls

I seriously need to get some water colors now. One would think, with the amount we paint, that we would have some. Alas, we don't. Do you have a favorite brand?

These are gorgeous Carly, love love love the "fresh" one!!


Those are so pretty! I had no idea you painted! Please post these more often!!


The last one is just begging to be made into a pattern for a summer dress, skirt, or a splashy tote!