Wedges for the Summer

After meeting with Kathryn a few weeks ago and hearing some sort-of-friendly comments from a guy about how he’s never seen me wear heels, I’ve decided to up (literally) my shoe choices.
I’ve been somewhat successful with incorporating some more height in my shoe wardrobe. Now, the problem is that I’ve redetermined the real reason why I don’t wear heels (often). I am not graceful. How do these girls waltz so beautifully around on four inches? I wonder this to myself all the time when I’m walking around NYC in my ballet flats and sandals.
The J. Crew Etta Pumps and Mari Sandals have been a wonderful addition and I’ve found quite a few ways to wear them already. I definitely have to brace myself for wearing them for an extended period of time. Gravity isn’t kind to me when I’m wearing them, that is for sure. I also give myself a little bit of a break in between wears so my feet and my fear of heights can recover a little bit.
My solution for the summer? Wedges.
But none of these crazy five inch, platform toe wedges. Walking on those must take skills that I was clearly not blessed with. I know myself well enough to know that those would be absolute no-gos. (Unless twisted ankles is in this summer and I missed that memo!)
The wedges I picked have great heel height! You get the benefits of a bit of extra height (hello long legs!), but also the safety and comfort of flats. Sign. Me. Up.
I have the Lilly wedges and they’re amazing. I broke them out this weekend for the first time this year and I was reminded as to how wonderful they are! They were the shoes I wore for graduation too; so perfect.

I like to be able to walk and still get the extra boost of height with my shoes. Anyone else feel the same way?
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Jessie Springer

I bought a pair of Tory Burch platform wedges last summer (I know, sounds scary!) and they are absolutely the most comfortable wedges I've ever worn! You should definitely try a platform!



I never wore heels until I started working in an office, now I wear them nearly every day, and flats are rare for me. I wasn't the most graceful at first either, but I've gotten a lot better. People actually ask me how I walk in my shoes now. I did learn a few things in the process though. Wedges are my favorite by far. Skinny heels get caught in sidewalk cracks, so you literally can't step on the crack (or you'll break [your] back), and shoes that have some sort of ankle strap are much easier to walk in mainly because they aren't slipping off your feet. Practice though and you'll get better.


i love wedges! they are much easier to walk in than heels and fancier than flats. i have been lusting after the kate spade gingham ones.

Megan Jessen

I love those Tory Burch wedges. High enough for a little extra, low enough to not trip you up if you've got to walk anywhere.

Julia D.

Preach. I love heels but they hurt and, at least for me, the boost of pretiness they cause is completely counteracted by how clumsy I am in them.