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Hi! Back again with another week of outfits!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Getting in a bathing suit was a huge win. First of all, I haven’t been able to swim since the day my water broke! I had gotten so used to ocean swimming and pond swimming and pool swimming while pregnant and didn’t realize how much I’d miss it. Felt great to get into the water. BUT, it also was big because I wore a bathing suit. Shared more of my thoughts about that here.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: My book got delayed again due to COVID-related printing delays, but I’m getting geared up for the launch. (You can preorder it!) It’s been hard to switch gears from a slower maternity leave of sorts and diving right into the holiday busy season and prepping for a book launch. I have a lot to think about between now and then though. Need to jumpstart my planning and strategizing.


I had a lowkey day working and then we did a family beach walk right around the golden hour. Seriously getting way too used to “living” near the beach. It’s going to be such a hard adjustment when we have to leave!


Similar jeans 


Had a somewhat relaxing day and then we had our friends who live on Nantucket over for dinner. It was great to catch up with them.

Old sweater





It was extra warm on Thursday. Mike and I wanted to do a beach day and we almost had to scrap the whole plan. It looked like rain all of a sudden and we realized we forgot to pack chairs in the car. So we ended up just driving around and then the sun came out, so we went to another beach to walk with the dogs and Jack… and I went for a swim!

Not pictured, sweatsuit

Bathing suit


I had a low key computer day on Friday. The fun part was getting to go to coffee with Georgie! She took our maternity photos over the summer… and I just love her. She’s so talented and interesting and we had a great time catching up. I came home feeling really inspired.

Sweater (c/o)


I took a barre class in the morning and then picked up my best friend Nicole and her husband from the ferry. We fit in so much fun. Lunch at Something Natural, a dog walk, cocktails on the beach, and a beautiful dinner at home.


Similar Jeans


(Nicole’s sweater!)


We went out to breakfast in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Cisco Brewery. Sadly, Nicole and her husband had to leave! We had so much fun together that it was extra hard to say goodbye.

Shirt (c/o)






I had a mostly normal work day on Monday, but Mike and I ducked into town for lunch together. It was a PICTURE PERFECT fall day. Ugh. I love this weather.

Similar jacket





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Sophie Morrison

You look so happy and beautiful Carly! Living vicariously through your Nantucket dream!

Sarah @ Fewer & Better

There’s something so empowering about fall/winter swimming! One of my favorite swims of my life was jumping into the Irish Sea at the Forty Foot in Dublin on the last day of November. Thankfully brought along some whiskey to warm me up!


I love the casual looks, less is more is so true! I always struggle with what to wear with white jeans, so love the ideas.


Thank you for sharing your feelings around getting back in a bathing suit. It’s brave if you to share your insecurities with the world, especially when bloggers can attract so much random hate. I think you’ve always had such an enviable body and still do! It’s good to remember we all have our insecurities. And also remember that you’re gorgeous.

I’m loving hearing about your time on Nantucket. I’m from MA and all my friends think I’m crazy but I think October/early November are the most underrated time to be on the beach. You still get so much beautiful sunshine and views, minus the crowds. I miss swimming but I love the peace.


I somehow missed your Instagram post about wearing a swimsuit, and, as an “older” woman, ignore those comments. I spent way too much of my life wasting way too much mental energy worrying about if I looked too “whatever,” instead of just enjoying life.