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This was a pretty fun week all things considered. I think I’m beginning to feel like we’re in a good everyday life routine here. Not that everyday is a walk in the park, but all of us know what to expect for the most part and that makes a huge difference.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Seeing my book in PERSON! I have a couple of dummy copies from this summer, that’s just the cover and blank pages inside, for promotional purposes. But this week, I got a carton of the official books and, wow, it was so cool!! Such a surprise too. There have been a bunch of COVID-related delays between paper shortages and printer backups, so part of me was thinking it would get pushed into next year altogether. All systems are go though for December 28!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: We have a lot of social things lined up over the next week or so and I want to try my best to live in the moment. I definitely have found myself thinking about the next thing while I’m still in a current thing or feeling pressure to have everything be perfect instead of just enjoying the moment for exactly what it is!

Here’s what I wore last week:


Toggled between shooting some of the last campaigns of the year and taking care of Jack. There’s such a short window of “good light” during the winter, so I have to build my schedule around that! I try to get anything that requires photos or videos all in while Jack naps.




I had to be at the house most of the day because we had a couple of people stopping buy for some home-related issues. I considered it a “buckle down” day and didn’t bother getting dressed really. I did end up getting my COVID booster a little spur of the moment– I had a brief opening in the afternoon and went to a place nearby where I had heard they might be taking walk-ins! Couldn’t have been easier!

Similar hoodie



I had cleared my calendar thinking I might be under the weather from the booster, but I was totally fine! I woke up early, got in a workout, and even got to go for a walk with my neighbor and our babies.





Mike, Jack, and I drove down to Philadelphia to hang out with his college friends. It was a lot of fun and very chaotic, in such a wonderful “wow, this is the stage of life we’re in” kind of way. Eight adults, a four year old, two two year olds, and two four month olds! (The babies are only a week apart so it was fun to see them together.)



Similar flats


We did more hanging out– really low key. The big outing of the day was going for a walk with all the strollers and scooters and kids down to a local park. I forgot to snap a picture of my outfit, but I wore a black sweater, these jeans, and a comfy pair of sneakers.



We spent the morning with our friends before we headed back home. Jack miraculously slept the entire drive and we had a nice, lazy Sunday at home. Everyone napped well.

Sweatshirt (under $20)




Got all dressed up to… go to the dentist for a cavity filling. Honestly, it knocked me out a little harder than I expected. They used a breastfeeding-friendly numbing agent and everything, including my forehead, was numb. And I was just exhausted after. Partially I’m sure from being highly anxious. I will say though, I am RELIEVED it’s behind me. I tried to schedule it in January to avoid it and they convinced me to come in earlier. Glad it’s done.





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It is fun to watch as your style has evolved from Millennial co-ed, to YouTube Mim. Your new style looks cozy & relaxed, perfect for long snuggly days at home.