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Rabbit, rabbit! Happy February. Can I just say how relieved I am that January is behind us?! I am looking forward to quite a few things in February and I can’t wait!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I checked off a few things that have been lingering on my “grand” to-do list for months. I try to keep a tally of things I need to do that don’t have pressing deadlines. The list usually accumulates and I sometimes I address things, sometimes I don’t (for a while at least). Felt so good to cross tasks off that I’ve been “meaning to do.”

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Enjoy this stage. I’m technically still working, but also… not working that (or maybe “as”) much. It feels super weird and I keep having this feeling like I need to rush off to do a million things. But I’m actually just really happy being a mom and soaking up the infant stage. I still work during naps and at night, but my days look significantly different than before and I’m okay with it! (Grateful for a job that allows me such flexibility!!) I do find myself feeling guilty for putting some work things on the back burner and by saying no more than usual and I just need to give myself permission to enjoy this stage!


I met up with Elsa for lunch and took some videos and photos of each other for various blog stuff. Monday had been a bit of a rough day and I really took Tuesday as a day to reset and regroup!







I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and had to tailor my day around it pretty much. But now that I’m thinking about it, I have no idea what we did for the rest of the day 🤣

Similar sweater




We kind of hunkered down at home and just played on the floor most of the day!!


Similar jeans


In the afternoon, Jack and I went over to Elsa’s house for a little girl (+ baby boy) time. And then I met up with Mike and a few of his siblings for dinner out. It was really nice to go out to eat with everyone in a restaurant again… can’t remember the last time we had been able to do it!

Sweater (c/o)


Boots (c/o)



Mike had a few friends over after the snowstorm and I rolled my sleeves up and tackled the basement. It took hours longer than I expected, but I was very pleased with the results. Still a bit more to go but it’s coming together!!!!

Similar half zip



Just a super cold day where I refused to leave the house 🤣  Did some laundry, tackled a few more organization spots, and watched a movie!

Sweater (c/o)

Similar jeans


Forgot to snap a picture, but surprise surprise, I wore this sweatshirt  again.


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Dumb question…how many siblings does mike have? When you say “few” I’m envisioning ten. Which is amazing. I came from a super small family and would have loved a large family. Especially now that I have kids of my own.


He is one of five + a family friend who we count as sister so officially four siblings (unofficially five plus one sister in law and one brother in law)!


I love that you’re taking the time to enjoy this stage of motherhood when you want to! It really does go so fast and never goes back, so if you’re enjoying it, it’s great you have the flexibility to spend that time. Love these outfits. Every week you get me closer to needing that french fry top!