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Whew! My first “week of outfits” post where I can let out a sigh of relief and say….. The rough first trimester is 100% why I’ve gone 100% comfy 😅. I still fit into my jeans and I don’t really have much of a bump yet (I was very, very bloated for a while but once that went away the “bump” I thought I had did too), but I’ve just felt so gross. Happy to have this series going though because it definitely encouraged me to get out of pajamas even when I felt my worse.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I don’t think there was one “major” win, but more of a series of small wins that lead to a great week. I had to get my laptop fixed and it was $0. I had a couple of days where I didn’t throw up! And I had a super motivating business call that made me feel so much better about a particular project. Mike and I had a lot of quality time together. I caught up with a friend I hadn’t really chatted with in a while. Just a lot of small wins.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Honestly I don’t think I’m going to set any goals for this week. I have a lot of work to do that I’m behind on, so I guess the goal would just be to get caught up!!


WEEK OF OUTFITS 2.16.21 | working from home jeans


We had a super gross day here in NJ on Tuesday. I spent most of the day working. I had to drop my main laptop off for repairs at the Apple store and then I also had an appointment to test drive a car. You know you’re getting older when car shopping is a thrilling part of your day. (Or maybe that’s the quarantine speaking and I had an excuse to go somewhere!)



WEEK OF OUTFITS 2.16.21 | volunteering outfit


As you know, I volunteer at our local food bank on Wednesdays! The room can get pretty chilly so I started focusing on cozier clothes I could layer with.

Dudley Stephens Sweatshirt


WEEK OF OUTFITS 2.16.21 | dudley stephens sweater


Thursday felt all over the place for me. I had a bunch of Zoom calls and two doctors appointments. I felt like I was ping ponging between different hats. So I went into the day pretty overwhelmed (big meeting that I was nervous about and I always get anxious before appointments where I know I’ll hear the baby’s heartbeat), but everything went great.

Similar Dudley Stephens



WEEK OF OUTFITS 2.16.21 | vneck sweater


Friday was a much needed day of getting a loose ends tied up before the weekend. Since most of my day Thursday was spent in Zoom meetings, I definitely felt behind on my regular computer work.

V-Neck Sweater


preparing for baby announcement photos


Mike and I took our announcement photos on Saturday! It was such a treat for me because Julia happened to be in the area and we didn’t have to use a tripod. As great as my tripod life has been going, it was nice to have such meaningful photos shot by a professional. She came over double-masked and we got the photos in under 15 minutes 🙏🏻 I also took the time to do my hair and makeup and felt physically good… did I feel like an absolutely new woman? 100%.



sunday at home outfit


Mike and I had a super nice Sunday at home. We picked up dinner on Saturday from a local restaurant and it was like a very indulgent Valentine’s Day dinner! Wonderful appetizers and stuffed lobster tail and pasta and this incredible brownie. We would never have that kind of meal at home so it felt extra special.

Similar Hoodie


Launching the Stubbs and Wootton slippers


Launching the Stubbs and Wootton slippers was definitely the highlight of the day!!! I’ve been counting down the days until the launch so I was so excited to have it finally open!





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Kelly Crusenberr

Love the outfits and this post always inspires me. Do you think the dogs know yet you’re pregnant?


They know I’m sick, for sure. Ham sits next to me while I throw up watching the door for protection 😅 And Teddy’s been laying on top of me more but not sure if it’s just because it’s so cold!!


Love the post. I think we all are ready to dress up at this point but still good to know looking good in comfy clothes is ok too.
The announcement photo was so nice! You both look so happy and in love. Congratulations and enjoy this time!


I love seeing your smile in these, now knowing the news! Congrats! You are going to be the best mom! I grew up loving American Girl and if you have a daughter you get to pass all that down, how fun! ❤️