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Was this my best week of outfits, no. Not at all. We had so much stuff going on behind the scenes last week that everything, myself included, felt like a HOT MESS. I keep laughing at myself that I thought I was going to “coast” this year. I don’t feel like I’m coasting, at all. All good things, but it’s been a lot!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: A funny win… I had so many issues with my car on Sunday. It actually derailed all of my plans for the day and was kind of frustrating. BUT, I fixed one of the issues myself and I was so proud. My hood wouldn’t latch and it was going to be a huge issue if I couldn’t fix it. (Elsa and I were driving to Newport on Monday and then back home Wednesday and I’m driving into the city on Thursday… and all the auto shops were closed on Sunday!) I turned to Youtube and it was the easiest fix by just spraying the latch with WD40 🙏🏻 Took thirty seconds and it was so easy, but I felt like a badass, ha.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Read more. Stitch more. I’ve been working late at night and I’m exhausted… by the time bedtime comes around, I have zero energy and go right to sleep! I want to carve out a little bit of time, either to read or to stitch, maybe both.


Should have known the week would have been off to a “hot mess” start with Tuesday morning. Jack didn’t sleep great overnight and I had to wake him up from a nap to get to swim lessons on time… not good, haha. Easy outfit for the win.

Sweatshirt (under $20)




I met up with Elsa for coffee in the afternoon and helped her shoot a campaign. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was a much needed catch up!



Shoes (c/o)

Similar Bag


We went down the shore for a cozy weekend. The weather was supposed to be pretty crummy and cold, so we figured we might as well enjoy a change of scenery!

Half zip

Similar jeans



It was FREEZING all day. I went to the Wawa for coffee and snacks and otherwise we cozied up inside!!

Sweater (just now realizing that my sweater 100% has milk on it 🙃)



Elsa and I drove to Newport for a conference we’re both speaking at. Luckily the drive was a breeze and we arrived to a very cold Newport… but excited for a little bit of fun.





We went to an event at the KJP store. I didn’t stay long because it got crowded and I wanted to get Jack back in time for a normal bedtime. But this is what I wore– I love these new pants!

Similar sweater



Shoes (c/o)


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Jenn Record

so funny! I was in Newport this weekend (for the second time this month!) and got two more KJP rope bracelets and a necklace to add to my collection…. Newport is one of my fav spots! I just posted a new post on my blog


I love Newport! Fell in love with the place from my first visit with my parents back in the 90s.
Also, love the wide-leg pants! I so
desperately need a non-jean cotton wide-leg pant. Are they tts? Did you go with the classic length or the tall length?


love Jack’s face in the last one.. he’s like “what’s going on here mom” lolol

Marie M. C.

What does (c/o) mean? Love the buckle shoes. I’ve never heard of Ann Mashburn but love her shoes.


I love Newport! It’s been one of my fave places since I’ve vacationed there with my family back in the 90s.
Also, love the pants you wore to KJP. Been looking for non-jean, but cotton wide-leg pants Are they tts and are those the classic length or tall length?