What have I been up to?

Besides homework, blogging, researching, painting, writing…..
I do find a little time for my friends!
 Me and Little V getting ready to celebrate Politician Preppie’s birthday!
 Not a good picture.  At all.  But you can see the epic-ness of of Little V’s argyle tights.  I was on the phone for-EVER.  Ugh.  So Lukie Pookie thought it’d be funny to capture CP on the phone.  There are 20 more pictures like this.
 At the restaurant!  So yum.
Little V’s Kate Spade + College Prepster’s Kate Spade
We got Politician Preppie this Kate Spade bangle!!!  “On the Dot” with cute little white polka dots!

PS Do you need a gift for your bff???  Click here to see how you could win a monogrammed pashmina for her (or yourself!).

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