What I Read in January

This month, I was having the HARDEST time finding books I was interested in or in the mood to read. I started and stopped four books and two audiobooks. Sometimes I feel like there are a hundred books I just can’t wait to read and other times… crickets.

Maybe even my taste in books are changing? I don’t know what it is!! But here is what I did read:

What I Read in January


by Sally Rooney

I read and loved Sally Rooney’s other novel Normal People so I was pretty excited to pick up this book. It’s a very quick, excellent read. I do think Sally Rooney is kind of polarizing– you either love her style of writing or you don’t. And I had been warned that some people who liked Normal People didn’t like Conversations with Friends. I did though. I find her writing to be so refreshing with flawed characters so realistic you may see yourself (or friends/partners) in them with an alarming sense of recognition. This book covers two best friends in university as they navigate their own friendship and relationship as well as friendships/relationships with other people.


by Lisa Wingate

My sister recommended this book to me! It’s a fictional tale based on a true story of The Tennessee Children’s Home Society which operated as a black-market business of selling children and babies. (Insane.) The book ping pongs between the past and the present with the stories interwoven. While I liked it and definitely found myself doing more research and reading articles about the true stories… I thought it was kind of predictable and I way preferred the story of the past to the present day story. (In fact, I found Avery’s portion of the book downright grating at times.) My grandma was actually adopted when she was little and separated from her twin older sisters and brother… and reunited much later in life so I think I also connected to the story a lot in that way too.

SUCH A FUN AGE: 5/5 Stars

by Kiley Reid

My first five star book of the year!!!! Such a Fun Age was phenomenal. It’s a super sharp book that covers a lot in a well-told story. Race, class, career, motherhood, relationships, and age play big roles. The book opens with a 25-year-old black babysitter accused of kidnapping her white toddler charge. The book covers both the perspective of Emira and Alix (her boss) as they both navigate their own lives. Emira is in that mid-twenty haze of finding herself (I related to her feelings of being young but also not that young and watching her friends succeed while she felt stuck) and Alix is trying to find her footing in her career again after leaving her beloved city of New York and having two children. It’s a GREAT story that made me think quite a lot without being “heavy.” I found myself laughing out loud at some of the awkward and hilarious and cringeworthy moments.


byDiane Chamberlain

Another book that goes between the past and the present, this one seems like bit of a mystery though ultimately rather predictable. Morgan is released from prison on bail having been handpicked to restore a mural in a small town in North Carolina. The original artist Anna Dale is rumored to have “lost her mind” and the mural has some very unexpected motifs. While on a tight deadline, Morgan uncovers big secrets in this small town as she restores the mural.

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I’ve been eyeing up Such a Fun Age as it looks so good and I’ve seen a lot of book bloggers talking about it. I’m glad you enjoyed it! ♡

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I DNFed two books this month, but I’m actually quite ecstatic about it, because usually I’m really bad about not DNFing books! I think it was easier for me to DNF this month because I just recapped my top reads of 2019; it’s reminded me of how good books can be and has made it easier for me to let go of books that aren’t doing it for me. Despite DNFing, I did manage to read six books this month! // Such a Fun Age is on my TBR!


I totally went down a research rabbit hole when I read Before We Were Yours. I can’t believe that stuff happened, and quite recently. I’m waiting to get Before and After on my Overdrive app, which is the real-life version. I know it’ll be depressing, but I’m looking forward to reading it. Also, thanks for the rec about Such a Fun Age. It’s been on my list for a while!


Thanks for you for the reviews-I will definitely be checking these out!

P.s. you should open that bookstore of your dreams!


I absolutely loved Such a Fun Age. I couldn’t get enough of the story and how everyone’s lives intertwined. Thank you for sharing what you read this month!


This year my goal was to read – last year I started out strong in January then didn’t touch a book again 🤦🏻‍♀️ This year I vow will be different as I’ve discovered pdfduck and have started reading daily on my phone. I read Then She Was Gone, The Family Upstairs, Daisy Jones And The Six and Seven Days. Really proud of myself so far – also happy for these reviews so I have a few other books to add to my list!!


Great post! I’m still recommending to everyone Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. You’ll want to keep reading to find out what happened. Currently reading Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict. Great read.


A sign of growth is your taste changing. I would say to mix it up & add a book that you would never think about reading to your list next month. You might enjoy reading something a little different than what you are use to.


I got my grandma the – Boys in the Boat book you recommended from the library! I hope she likes it. She dislikes sci fi, war books and sad books so I don’t have a ton to go on. I wish there were book lists for designated ages- lol. She’s 90.


I saw you asked for recommendations on Instagram! I would recommend “New York City” by Edward Rutherford. It’s historical fiction and about various generations of the same family from the beginning of NYC to a little after 9/11. It goes through all the big events in the city and it’s one of my fav books.


I was going to recommend such a fun age when I read your opening paragraph but I see you’ve already read it :).
I agree with your review, it’s a great book about race without being too preachy.

Lauren G

January has been a reading slump for me as well- I’ve been so swamped that I’m too mentally exhausted to read! I’m barely going to get through my second book this year, which I enjoyed but not as much as I’d maybe anticipated? It looks like you still found some gems through! Glad to hear ‘Such A Fun Age’ doesn’t seem overrated!

Jules Buono - book blogger

I always have so many thoughts about your book posts! Tip about Conversations with Friends – I am pretty sure it’s still on a major Kindle deal right now. Before We Were Yours was one of my favorite audios – I felt so many emotions and couldn’t put it down. Such a Fun Age – OMG, sooo good! I just saw the author speak and she was absolutely amazing. She is so smart and thoughtful about her writing and she feels like your best friend when she talks. I am so happy for her success. And I officially backlisted Big Lies based on your review! Too many other great ones to prioritize right now.