What I’m Packing for Ireland

We’re off to Ireland today!!! I’m really excited, but the trip doesn’t quite feel “real” yet. I don’t think it will until we land. 
One of my least favorite parts of traveling is packing. I either over pack to make sure I have everything I could possibly need or under pack and wish I had brought something entirely different. Very little middle ground. 
Packing for Ireland is proving just as hard as packing for Alaska. When going to Alaska, everyone said to dress like an onion (aka lots of layers) and we’re getting similar feedback for Ireland. Except now they’re saying, “You get all four seasons in a day!” Not great for packing!!! I’ve been eyeing the weather too and it looks pretty warm at the peak of the day (upper 60s and low 70s) and I imagine it will be cooler in the mornings and evenings, and by the water.
Here are some of things I’ll be packing… And I’ll do a post-trip followup with what I thought was best!

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Allie G

Does the Longchamp backpack fit a laptop? I have been wanting to get a fashionable backpack for when I travel. I always take my Longchamp tote with me so that I have room for my laptop, a wrap, and my purse, but after lugging it and most times a carry on suitcase through the airport, I get home and my shoulders are killing me.

Have the best of times in Ireland! I have my warm sweater from the Aran Islands on as we speak to keep me warm in a chilly office. Six years later and it is still my favorite to cozy up in!

Jen Nemeth

I just got back from Ireland yesterday! We had some rare warm weather that I hope you will be spoiled with also. My advice is to wear layers and if you can squeeze the Dingle Peninsula into your trip, DO IT! Hands down one of the best parts of the trip, aside from the Cliffs of Moher and the Blarney Castle.