What I’m Wearing the Most Right Now

Thought I’d round up some of the things I’ve been wearing the most over the past month. I’m actually about to transition my closet– finally forcing myself to do it. I feel like I’m in limbo right now seasonally because my closet is still very much winter. I am hoping that by switching it over I’ll be more inspired to get dressed… and maybe that will spill over into how I feel for the day. April is historically pretty cold still– though we’ve been having warmer and warmer days and I am HERE for it. (Plus everything is starting to bloom. Not great for the allergies but definitely great for the mood ☀️!!!!)

V-Neck Sweater // Jeans // Sneaks


I can’t get enough of these leggings. They’re my go-to lately for workouts but I also find them so comfortable that sometimes I can’t resist wearing them throughout the day.


I’ve pulled out all of my striped shirts and I’m starting to heavily rotate through them. I’ve gone a little overboard as of late, but they bring me so much happiness. This is the best “bridge” I have right now from my winter wardrobe to my warmer weather wardrobe. (My favorite striped shirt is currently 50% off.)


This has been my trick for feeling like I tried a lot harder than I did… blouses paired with my most comfortable skinny jeans. Seriously it almost feels like I’m getting for a black tie gala nowadays when I put on a cute, more structured blouse. The ones I’ve been wearing the most are sold out (this polka dot from Madewell, this Liberty London from J. Crew, this striped from Tuckernuck), but I did just buy this one because I loved the suede versions for fall/winter. Can’t wait for it to arrive!


Maybe this a bit controversial but I LOVE wearing these jeans and I think they’re as comfortable as my yoga pants. I have had my exact pair for a couple of years, but this is the most similar wash (same style) that I could find. I swear by these jeans. So. Comfortable.


These sneaks are my tried & true. They are kind of falling apart at this point– they’ve certainly seen better days. They’re just so comfortable though. I haven’t been wearing shoes all that much, frankly, because I’m not leaving my house but when I do (for dog walks or just to sit outside)


Okay so last summer, I bought these expensive sweatpants at the GOOP store on Nantucket. I was shopping with friends and I think I may have gotten a little too much sun. I would NEVER buy $100 sweatpants (and why would I do it on a BEACH VACATION?). But I have the sweatpants now and let me tell you… they are worth every penny. They are so comfortable and soft. Even though they’re sweats they are also pretty sexy on, not going to lie.


I wear this every day even though it’s April. I love to pop it on– it’s kind of a “magic coat” in that it provides tons of warmth for winter but it doesn’t make you to too hot in the spring. Brilliant.


If you’re looking for a great sweater that’s super relaxed and comfortable but uber chic, look no further. This v-neck cashmere sweater is so good I have it more colors than I care to admit. Trust. Me. This is a fantastic sweater that works year round.

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I LOVE how practical you are because I am the same way! The sweatpants comment made me LOL because sometimes you just have to splurge. 🙂


I could not have predicted that they’d be one of my most worn items in 2020 but… worked out nicely 😅


I’m a bit like you, I’ve been wearing skinny jeans everyday! and I don’t even own sweatpants! hahaha


Athleta leggings are the best leggings ever! I have four pairs and it’s still not enough.

Jennifer Record

I have over a dozen striped boatneck 3/4 length shirts. Its my absolutely favorite style. Your fav is also my fav and I have it in both colors.. I feel better about myself when I wear them! think spring!


Ordering that J Crew shirt right now! I’ve been looking for one for so long but all the ones I found didn’t look right, I’m excited to try this one.



Maybe this a bit controversial but I LOVE wearing these jeans ”

Real question: why would high wasted skinny jeans be controversial ? What am I missing?

like the real looks for the more casual days we are all having.


I’ve just seen so many memes about not wearing jeans anymore! Just making a little joke!


Love this ensemble for teleworking from home! How is the sizing of your SuperGa sneakers? They seem like a good investment as they go with everything. Also, just FYI there’s a clause missing in one of your sentences under the SuperGa entry. I’ve noticed this often, in your writing (and mine!) and just wanted to recommend Grammarly. I’ve found it so helpful!


Every day I pick a different Dudley Stephens to wear, ahaha. I will get dressed in there too, but I have been opting for a skirt, tights, aaaannnddd a Dudley Stephens, lol. Wish I had those fancy sweatpants, though!


How do you care for your cashmere sweaters. I have a few from JCrew (boyfriend v neck and crew neck). Unfortunately, they aren’t lasting in their quality.

Jacqueline Gonzalez Ozuna

Your cell phone case is really nice. Where is it from?

Thank you!