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While I love that a ton of fashion inspiration (in magazines, on blogs, etc) includes a lot of layering, As much as I try, I can’t pull it off. I don’t find it comfortable at all with more than a shirt and a sweater… and I like to be able to lift my arms without it being a workout 😉
My personal style has certainly changed over the years, but particularly over the past two. For starters, I finally feel like I know how to pick out clothes for my body type. And graduating college and moving to the city has definitely influenced how I dress.
As I’ve been working my way through my closet, I’ve been trying to “refine” what I buy based on what I wear the most and what I feel most confident in. Recently, that’s meant really streamlined outfits. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just great fitting, comfortable, and put together outfits. I feel the most confident in these outfits and I think that’s what chic looks are really all about: the confidence the wearer has! (That’s why someone may look incredibly chic in a floral muumuu and another girl might look chic in a simple grey sweater and jeans.)
The best news? You don’t have to spend a fortune to look chic.

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Ana T. Garcia

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