What I’ve learned from being a Big Sister

I remember sitting in my mom’s hospital bed when my sister was born. I had been with a babysitter. I remember being confused about who this new person was. She wasn’t like a relative that existed before. One day, I was the center of the universe. And the next day, I had to share it.
Wait, what?
Little did I know, this little nugget would change my world in the best possible way.
I’m so thankful that I’m a big sister. Although Stacy is a couple of years younger than I, I learn so much from her. Seriously, this girl is amazing. Every day I’m so proud of her too! On Friday, while I was seriously stressing about like fourteen hundred things, she was texting me for advice for an internship interview. It reminded me how much she meant to me and how little the stress at work means in the big scheme of things. Being her older sister is one of the best things in the world, and literally no matter what either of us do, we will always be sisters. And I think that’s pretty amazing.
Five Things I Learned from Being a Big Sister:
1. Everyone is different | Stacy and I are so different. Besides the fact that we don’t look like sisters, we also have a ton of different personality traits. We have different interests. We have different strengths. Knowing this has always made me keep an open-mind when it comes to other people’s strengths. We work surprisingly well together because she brings different things to the table. She’s creative, way more chill, and thinks of new ideas that I never would have considered.
2. Have fun | Yes, Stacy is absolutely the fun one. She’s like a million times more fun than I am! Sometimes she makes me a nervous wreck, but I always have a lot more fun when I’m with her. Even when I’m not with her, I think about what she would do in social situations pretty much all the time and then go with that. Whereas I might start thinking of ways to get out of doing something, I know Stacy would jump at the opportunity (that is, if she wasn’t the one scheming in the first place.)
3. Being a good friend | Having a sister guarantees a lifelong friendship. We stick up for each other like nobody’s business. We see the best in each other and we always root for each other’s success. It’s the absolute epitome of friendship. I take the things I learn from our relationship and apply them to my other friendships.
4. Jealousy is really admiration | Yes, I am often jealous of my sister. But what I know is that the jealousy is really just things that I admire her for. I have to remind myself that I’m not mad at her… I’m proud of her. It’s hard to remember this sometimes, but it’s really the truth for all my jealousies. When I find myself feeling jealously building up in my belly, I remind myself of Stacy and how it’s admiration
5. LOVE | I’m probably one of the best person at pushing people away… but with Stacy, I’m reminded of the importance of just loving people for who they are and worrying about nothing else. Yes, of course, I love Stacy unconditionally (hello, sisters!). I love her for exactly who she is. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s the purest kind of love!
(bonus #6: pop culture. she keeps me on my toes with movies and music!)
What do you learn from your sisters?

PS She got the internship!!!
PPS How cute is this picture of my mom and one of her sisters and me and Stacy?

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aawwww… I nearly cried. I hope your friendship will last for ever 🙂
You just reminded me, that I should be more nice to my brother… but he's 13 now and that age ist just the WORST (for both) 😀

Vina Smith

This was so touching!! My little sister and I are at an age where we butt heads and argue a lot, but at the end of the day she is the one friend I can ALWAYS count on 🙂

Stephanie Bartolomé

What a wonderful post! I grew up with guys…my half-brother and 2 of my cousins are the Gen-Y half of the my generation's equation. We tend to fight about idiotic things just to keep the kids in us alive. And I do consider them all my brothers. We don't see each other all that often anymore, but it's incredible to just pick up where we left off.

My little sister was born when I was 18…she just turned 3 in November! It's a completely different dynamic since I'm learning more about how to be a good {god}parent than anything else!


Couldn't have agreed more to this post! My younger sister is 2 and a half years younger than me. We used to fight everyday when we were younger, but somehow we've been closer to each other these past few years! It's great to know that she'll always be there when I need her the most and that she's the friend I can count on whenever.

Arielle // Spaceship to Infinity


I have FOUR sisters, and each one of them is different! I have three older, one younger sister, and a brother. Each one of them has their own special talents and personality. We all fought as children (naturally) but as we've gotten older I've really come to cherish them.

Niki DCA

Growing up, I always wanted an older brother. lol I am an only child. My parents got divorced and neither had any more kids. I think its wonderful that you have such an amazing relationship with your sister. I am trying to teach that to my two boys but unfortunately they would rather Burt heads.


I have a younger sister named Stacie (so spelled a little different), but this was so similar to how I feel about her! I sent her the link. She keeps me on my toes about pop culture, too 🙂 So so cute!

Lea Anne

I love this post! My sister is 13 years older than me so growing up we weren't as close since we shared no common interests throughout most stages, but as adults we are very close and I am always so thankful to have someone who is always on my team and always rooting for me!


Awww. I always wanted a sister (a sibling, but a sister in particular!). You're so lucky to have each other. And little difference in age is also great. Stay good friends forever!


So I can't relate as much to this post, since I don't have siblings, but I DID have that bow wallpaper in my bedroom when I was little!!!

Julia D.

Completely agree. I'm an older sister and while me younger sister and I are similar in a lot of ways, she has some very different strengths and interests, which I really love and admire her for.