What not to wear…

Sooo… Remember when I showed y’all how leopard print could be preppy? Well I found a picture that exemplifies how NOT to wear animal print.

Obviously Sporty Sister and I LOVED Gap Kids.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. But can we talk about how my legs look like they might snap any minute??? Oh lord.

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i absolutely love this. you and your sister may not have known it at the time, but you girls rocked that print 🙂


Haha I'm a huge fan of the tights and sandals. I have a picture of my sister and my cousin samantha and I all getting ready to see The Sound of Music on broadway. I'm in fancy socks (with lace on the sides where you fold them down) and lavender foam heels from payless. YES.


Sporty Sister certainly outgrew herself in the picture…I remember when we all thought she would be really short…and then a growth spurt…now you are the shorter one…fun picture of the two of you way back when!!!