What’s in a frame?

Just as I proclaim that I hate decorating my apartment, I decided that I should at least tie up a few loose ends. I desperately needed to put something on the walls of my bedroom! They were so sad and lonely and bare. (Frankly, it felt more like a hospital room than a bedroom with the stark white walls!)
Way back in September, I went on an adventure to Ikea. (Seriously, getting from the Upper East Side to the Ikea in Brooklyn is nothing short of an adventure.) I left with a giant bag of frames that ended up sitting underneath my bed for months. I was hesitant to hammer holes into my walls… and I had no idea what to put into the frames. I’m really not good at that sort of stuff!!!!
While they’re not 100% level and straight… they’re as good as I could get. You should have seen me holding nails in my teeth, with a pencil in my hair, a hammer in my pocket, and a tape measure in my left hand. It was a struggle to say the least. And my poor wall has more holes than you can imagine. (What they say is true: Measure twice, cut once.)
[Side note: While Ikea frames are cheap, I don’t really recommend them. They come with instruction manuals. I should have run away right then and there. Seriously, you have to put the wires on yourself, which means they’re not in the same place… which means they’re SO hard to make level. Also, please say a prayer for me to make sure these things don’t come crashing down while I sleep.]

For the top two frames, I used the Watercolor Peony Wallpaper from Anthropologie. It’s such a sweet little pattern.
Using the eyedropper tool in photoshop, I pulled the colors from the wallpaper so the bottom three images would be cohesive.
I mean, I couldn’t not use the ampersand. (Even though I still have nightmares about ampersands from taking a class on Microsoft Access!!!)

One of my favorit Alice quotes.

And then I doctored the butterflies from the wallpaper and added the “Live Your Dreams.”
I must admit, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think with my bedding it’s a perfect match.
I even added a new pillow to my bed. I went into the store for a tea kettle and came out with a pillow. I would say that’s fairly not normal

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I dream of white monogrammed duvet covers and shams…. having pets is such a sacrifice sometimes! 😉

I live in complete awe of your Photoshop skills.. those prints look amazing!


so cute! i'm terrified to put anything above my head because i used to have frames above my bed and they came crashing down during an earthquake. luckily, you don't have as many earthquakes in nyc as we do.


Love your idea of using Photoshop – pulling colors from the wallpaper for your other prints. Definitely will be mimicking that in the future! 🙂

Grace Rice

Adorable frames! I particularly like the ampersand! Totally understand about Ikea though, I'd rather just buy some cheap pre-made ones at Target!

Jenn from A Pop of Style

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you're safe from them falling on your head. I, however, was not that lucky my junior year when one of my huge frames fell on me in the middle of the night! They were attached to the wall though by some velcro-sticky contraption because we couldn't put holes in our apt. walls. I think you're in the clear though! 🙂

A Pop of Style