When You Do (and Don’t) Have the Time

As much as I’d like to say that I’m good about prioritizing my time, sometimes I let some things fall through the cracks. There are weeks when I put off doing the laundry one too many days. Nights when I just really don’t feel like washing my face. Days when there are enough hours, but I’d rather spend them frivolously. Sometimes responsibility isn’t fun– and isn’t it great when there are some little tricks to lessen the blow.
When You Do Have the Time: Clarisonic
When You Don’t Have the Time: Face Wipes
I love my Clarisonic. I was actually really lazy about a month ago and just didn’t charge it when it died… dumb laziness. It’s charged again and my skin and I definitely missed it. It’s happily back in my skincare rotation (no pun intended). But some nights, I just don’t really feel like spending the two minutes washing my face. I never go to bed with my makeup on (you’re asking for breakouts and poor skin!) so makeup wipes for sensitive skin will do the trick. I always look for wipes that remove waterproof makeup to save even more time!
When You Do Have the Time: Liquid Liner
When You Don’t Have the Time: Pencil Eyeliner
I’m a big fan of the “cat eye” look recently and (per some amazing recommendations) I started using the Stila Liquid liner. The end result is out of this world… but I’ve been known to spend ten minutes per eye perfecting the little flair end. I really have to commit in the morning to doing the cat eye and there are mornings where I either don’t have the time or the patience to get it done properly. The Stila pencil is a good alternative for a regular eyeline (no cat eye) and it’s basically dummy proof.
When You Do Have the Time: Tide + Iron
When You Don’t Have the Time: Wrinkle Release
This has been my dirty little secret since college. I like folding laundry, but I absolutely hate dealing with the laundry machines in my building. There are only two washers and two dryers and you can’t have all four on at the same time… the entire building shares it and if you can’t be there to move your laundry the minute the cycle ends, some stranger will move everything on their own accord. Ugh. If laundry day falls on a busy day then I sometimes push it a little bit. Downy wrinkle release is the best little trick! You spray the piece of clothing, give it a little tug, and let it dry. It doesn’t work miracles or anything, but it does make a huge improvement.
When You Do Have the Time: DryBar 3-Day Bender
When You Don’t Have the Time: French braids
I only do my hair every other morning, but on days when I’m extra tired or lazy (and don’t have a meeting or anything), I skip the extra tools and just go for a French braid. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the way my hair looks all curled with the DryBar 3-Day Bender… but I don’t love spending a lot of time actually curling it. Some mornings, there’s nothing more glorious than a quick-and-easy French braid. (Cute ponytail holders are a plus.)
When You Do Have the Time: Trip Starbucks
When You Don’t Have the Time: Iced Coffee Drink

A new trick in my book! Starbucks has these ready to go Iced Coffee drinks you can keep in your refrigerator. Going to Starbucks when I’ve been trapped in my apartment working all day is a fun little break for me. It’s just down the street from me, but it’s still nice to stretch my legs a bit. However, when I’m on the go and don’t have time to pop in (or simply want to be able to reseal the drink), these are THE best. I find mine at Duane Reade and my parents buy their stock by the case from Sam’s Club. So genius. (PS They really taste better in my opinion than iced coffee from the store. Perfect blend every time.)

Do you have any tips and tricks for when you don’t have time?

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Lindsey Lam

Love these tips! Pencil liners rock, but coloured pencil liners are even better 😉 I always keep a teal/my favourite colour of pencil liner on my counter so that if I want to do something that pops, I just swipe on a quick line on the outer third of my eyelid and smudge it out with a pencil brush. If I'm feeling extra fancy, I'love brush over my eyelid with a highlighting colour on my lids. Super easy, super quick, but super colourful. No skills, or steady hands, necessary!


Emily Magyar

I'm obsessed with their caramel iced coffee bottles, and I love that they're in glass (which makes it feel like even more of a treat)!

Something I like to do when I don't have the time (or let's be honest, energy) to curl my hair in the morning for a nice wave, I put it in loose braids over night for a nice wave, then smooth with a leave-in conditioner and voila! Gives my hair a little somethin-somethin 😉

Alyson Hancock

I lovelovelove the liner! Super cute, and ELF has a cheaper version (I think it's maybe only a few dollars) that works really well, too! And the iced coffee — SO important. I just saw that Walmart has a bigger jar of it (a few gallons, maybe?)… but I guess Walmart isn't an option in NYC. 🙂
Carly, as always, you're incredibly inspiring. Keep at it, girl!


Maureen McCarthy

I just went to the grocery store tonight and they have a 48oz. bottle of Starbucks iced coffee that is unsweetened and no creamer added–so you can completely personalize it! I'm so excited about it!

Olivia Rose

When you do have the time, take your hair out of the ponytail and properly wash and condition it before redoing it for your next even of the day. When you don't have the time, use a dry shampoo–plenty of it–like Tresemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo to get the grease, dirt, and hair tie lines out of your hair!

As for the coffee, it's no Starbucks, but it's still delicious: International Delight (or your local supermarket brand) Iced Coffee, which comes in a carton.

Seersucker Sass

I only wash my hair every other day because it's so long, so braids are my saving grace! On mornings where my hair just won't dry, I throw it in a braid and then unbraid it the next morning for waves. Or I'll throw spray in some dry shampoo and braid my day old hair.

Makeup removing wipes are a life saver!

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass