White After Labor Day?

This summer, I finally purchased the most perfect pair of white skinny jeans (seriously, a lot harder than it should be). I have worn them almost too much. Nearly every day in fact. I would have to space out the days that I wore them with dresses and skirts in between. They also wash really well, which is a bonus considering NYC is not the most conducive place for anything white.
Labor Day is coming up, which is a sad reminder that summer is officially coming to a close. Now… I really don’t wear white after Labor Day. I religiously tuck away my jeans and put my white Jack Rogers into storage. 
A rainy day in the city.
Because I have been loving these jeans so much… I don’t really want to put them away come Labor Day. What’s a girl to do? Normally I wouldn’t really care about the rules, but does white through September and possibly into the fall/winter really matter? CAN IT BE DONE?
Last winter, I posted about winter whites and I do love the look… 
I’d love to know your opinion! Do you wear white after Labor Day?

PS After a solid eight years… my favorite, perfectly worn in Jacks might have to permanently retire. When I fell down the stairs (yep) the other week, I basically broke one of the heels a little bit. (Although, it hasn’t stopped me from wearing them…) Looks like I’ll have to spend next summer breaking in a brand new pair!
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Courtney Golbach

I also just got my perfect pair of white jeans after a two year long search! Sadly, I will be packing them away next weekend. I can't get myself to break the rule either.

Irma P

I think cream and pearly off-whites can be pulled off in some instances, but the really sharp whites are too harsh for the upcoming season. You really know summer is over when you have to start contemplating these things. 🙁

Nessie LaRoue

There are a few fashion rules I follow (i.e. never wear black and navy together), but considering the moronic circumstances under which the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule was formed, I wear it whenever I feel like it. Plus, white is one of my best colors and makes up a good deal of my wardrobe. Also, since Texas is super hot until almost October, white is a choice color. I don't care what people think, I'll be wearing white once college starts back up the day after Labor Day! 🙂


How I go about dressing after labor day is this; The first week after I don't wear any white, but then after a couple of weeks I wear white again. I think this is a really good compromise because I own tons of white clothes that I wear well into the winter season!


Tracey Leffler

I have a friend that runs and buys for a clothing boutique and she told me it's okay. Her suggestion was to pair white jeans with boots and a chunky sweater. Now I've still been too nervous to try this, but we'll see.


Still on the quest for the perfect white jeans…I think it's okay to wear them into September…if it still FEELS like summer you can DRESS like it's summer.

Also, my Jack Rogers ballet flats that I got for my birthday last year have a hole in the bottom right under the big toe. I don't even think they make them anymore!!

Nostalgic Northerner

I pack away all white dresses… however I've been wanting to break that rule with white jeans for years and finally did last year and received a bunch of compliments! It's how you wear them – I try to keep brown boots, chunky textured sweaters and big leather bags in the mix so its just a baseline to accentuate the rest of the outfit. Even got the courage up to wear them at a Christmas party with plaids and black boots and it was a huge hit!

Jessica Joyce

Sorry about your Jacks! I totally love breaking the rules. That's what fashion is all about. Last year, I specifically wore all white after Labor Day just to screw around with people's perceptions of the "rules." White jeans are instantly classic and if I wanted to wear them post-September, I will!
Your Friend, Jess

Portuguese Prepster

that happened to my favorite jacks and it was so depressing! I think you can totally wear white jeans for a little while after labor day. They would look great with a cozy sweater and flats! Personally, I'd probably give them up by October but that's just me!


Anybody know how the white J. Crew Matchstick jeans fit? I thought I had found a great pair of white straight leg Citizens on sale, and even after consulting a saleswoman about size, I have found they stretch WAY too much after a night of wear, leaving me with saggy butt 🙁


Find a cobbler you can probably get them repaired. And as for the white after labor day, I love white for the winter. I think your white jeans would look amazing with a caramel colored sweater and knee high boots.

Fashion and Happy Things


I say wear them in September, but maybe not into the winter. They will work for a while after Labor Day, but I like darker colors for colder weather!


I think white jeans work into the Fall because they aren't a summer material. As long as you pair them with good deep, rich Fall colors you're good to go. I would probably tuck them away come November though.

Hannah [Simply By Serendipity]

I am wearing white after labor day yes.
I would be highly surprised if a stranger on the street openly judges you because you wore white jeans. 🙂
Seceretly… maybe? but not straight to your face.

New trend. White after labor day.
Red White and Blue after the 4th of July.

Jennifer Achebe

Hey guys,

It is fine to wear white after Labor Day. No one is thinking about you, but you.

No one will stop to think "hmm, what is today?! Oh WAIT it is after Labor Day let's harass her!"

Everyone else is busy worrying about their day (and their outfits)…not yours.

A lot of rules have been broken over the decades…small things you may just have to let go…


I purchased those same white jeans this summer… Recently actually and I can't bare to put them away just yet. Especially in New York, there's always a ton of people wearing white any time of the year and it always looks great!
I'm going to continue to wear my white jeans because they look fabulous! and you should too 🙂


I''ve never really understood the no white after labor day thing. I've been told it's an east-coast thing. I still wear my white pants into the wintertime because I don't really see a point not to.

Shayna B.

Living in San Diego, I feel like this rule doesn't really apply for me. It is almost impossible to really dress with the seasons when 90 percent of the year feels like summer. However; in a place like New York, where the seasons are much more prominent, I might reconsider. But until I move from my little piece of paradise, I think I will continue wearing white throughout the year 🙂