White Blazers

So how do we all feel about white right now? I just can’t do the white pants or shoes thing until after Memorial Day. (Oh, who am I kidding… if it gets super hot outside, I might just have to go for it.) 
Last week, we had the most beautifully warm day. It seriously gave us some light at the end of the tunnel called Winter. Everyone in the office opened the windows and ate lunch outside. (The one bad side was the Mister Softee truck parked down the block. A quick call to 311 and we got that little annoyance taken care of!)
I saw no fewer than five people walking through the streets with the cutest white blazers. I need one!!! Oh, they’re perfect!
I started stalking Pinterest for some of my favorite white blazer looks.

Olivia Palermo

Blazers and Bicycles with Baskets go hand-in-hand.

I love that the white blazer can be dressed up by being worn over a colorful dress. But at the same time,  it’s still perfect when matched with a worn in pair of jeans.
Shop my favorite looks below:

Do you like the white blazer look?

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This has been my first year of white. Until something like three weeks ago I was convinced I'd ruin it within moments of leaving the store (which may or may not be an assumption based on previous, very real experiences…) I still can't jump on board with white pants, but a blazer seems doable; I mean, c'mon, the white with the chambray is insanely perfect. Seems like it would be a great way to bump a spring dress up from weekend to work-wear. Thanks for the post!



Absolutely love the white blazer look. It puts my brain into Spring/Summer mode, and goes with everything. great post!

Lindley Anne

I had a cute white blazer from J Crew years ago that I wish I had hung onto! Might have to reinvest in another!

Love how it looks paired with a chambray shirt :)!

The Grinning Labrador

Bailey Carver

I just bought a white blazer today, and I am excited to start wearing it. However, I am concerned about the blazer being too much upkeep to keep clean.