why why why?

Someone asked me what my favorite part about blogging was (via my tumblr ask box).
A lot of times people, mostly IRL (in real life), ask me WHY I blog.  I basically give the short answer of, “Oh, it’s just so much fun!”
(by the way- this is actually me blogging. A friend randomly snapped this photograph of me while I was working haha)
But when I really stopped to think about the answer…. I realized that it’s so much more than just “fun.”
It’s really a lot of work.  More work than I thought it would be, that’s for sure.  I spend about an hour a day answering emails a day for College Prep.  I write blog posts for every day of the week.  I am constantly on the look out for a new idea for a post.  I read other blogs to stay up to date.  I stress out daily.
So, “because it’s fun” must not really be the answer….
Why do I blog?  Why do I love it?  Here was my answer…

My favorite thing BY AND FAR is the connections I’ve made with people.  It’s crazy and absolutely amazing that I feel like I’m so close with people whom I’ve never met.  I love that I get to connect with readers.  I love that they feel connected to me.  And I love connecting with companies, learning about industries, and asking questions.

I’m not going to lie, I also really like the fact that I have built my blog (brand???) from the ground up.  I can’t even describe to you how strange it is to read through old posts.  NEVER would I have thought that the blog has turned into what it is today.  And I can say with 100% honesty and 100% certainty, that this is seriously still the beginning.

Beyond that, I think blogging in some strange way has honed my voice and opinion.  I started this blog right after the first semester of freshman year.  At that point, I was really questioning everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  I was confused and frankly depressed and did not know what to do.  The road to January 20, 2011 was definitely not bump-free, but I’ve really survived a lot and more importantly learned a lot, especially about myself.

On a lighter note, it’s been absolutely crazy to see social media take off first hand.  My first post was in 2008 and whenever I said that I had a blog, people either laughed (well, they kinda still do) or assumed it was about politics.  Now EVERYONE is taking part in social media.  And I’ve been sitting back and watching it all unfold- and I LOVE IT.

So there you have it.  Why I blog and what I love so much about it.
Why do you blog?  What’s your favorite part?

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I personally love your blog and I wish one day my blog is like yours. I blog for me to help get everything off my chest and to get my thoughts and opinions out there.


Ditto what bee1025 said! I just started my blog up to vent and share personal experiences but I was also inspired by your blog. Even though I've only got like 2 followers now (hahaha it's only been a few days) I'm looking forward to building my blog up! I'm addicted to blogging already!


Such a sweet post!! I started blogging out of boredom when I didn't like my college freshman year. Glad you're blogging you do such a fabulous job!!!


And we readers appreciate your hard work! I personally love reading your posts. I don't blog, but several months ago I was introduced into a few blog communities that I love to follow. 🙂


I love your blog and I'm glad you do it! I randomly decided to start a blog, and I have really enjoyed it! I think its a great way for friends to keep up with my life!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

Fantastic post! And I totally agree with everything! It's a lot of work. And I feel guilty when I take a few days off- how strange is that? But I love the connections I have made more than anything. And finding a voice in this big crazy world is competely fabulous.


Congratulations! You have been awarded The Cincinnati Prep Lovely Blog Award! Visit for more information!



I have been such a blog stalker for so long and am so entertained by them. For the same reason I love going into other people's houses, just to see how they live compared to me, I love to read their blogs. I finally started one and hope you will check it out!


I'm with you about the connections–I've met some truly great people throught the blogosphere! But I blog because it's satisfying to me to write about the stuff I love.

katie carlin

I love your blog and its so nice that you enjoy doing it! You have such great style!! I will agree that the connections are wonderful i have had my blog for just a few months and have met some amazing people through this crazy blog world!! Hopefully someday my blog will have as many followers as yours-it takes a ton of time. If you ever feel like guest blogging send me an email!!

xo katie

Caroline Lindey

I think the reason I blog is because… I actually don't know why I blog. I love writing, but I think I just love the idea of people out there in the world being able to read what I think and feel. I try to always write about something light and happy, but I do believe in being serious and mature when I think it's necessary. I just love reading and writing posts on blogs! Here's my blog!!!