Why You Need a Tribe

The only editor’s note/preface I’ll say for this amazing guest post is that I would argue we all need a “Maxie” in our lives!
Why You Need a Tribe
Guest post by Maxie McCoy
A year ago was my first ever #MaxieMonday post. It’s pretty hard to believe how quickly time has passed and how wonderful the College Prepster audience has been. As I thought about all of that on a plane home to Dallas (where Carly and I first talked about this guest posting idea #universe), I’m most thankful and humbled by the friendship and support of the woman we all adore: Carly.
We all need a Carly in our life. A friend who pushes us towards our dreams. Who goes out on a limb for us. Who is successful as hell. Who can talk about boys and hairstyles as easily as she can talk about business plans and payroll. 
In fact, we don’t just need one of them. We need many. We need the individuals in our life who will be our pals, our cheerleaders, and safety nets. We need our tribe. When women choose to cut each other down, you choose to extend a hand and lift them up. And in turn, that will help your own success shine brighter. So how do you go about developing this tribe you may ask?
Find the Woman You Admire the Most, and Befriend Her
When we see people doing really cool things, our first instinct is to shy away. Call it envy, intimidation or jealousy, but our first thought is not, “I’m going to make her my best friend.” But it probably should be. The more talented, successful and fabulous our friends are, the brighter we shine (for more on why, read my blog). The better we are by association. It doesn’t make us seem like the slacker, it actually makes us better humans for knowing them and for having people in our lives doing amazing things. 

Revel in Their Success
No two people will have the same path. You’ll only have a truly loving tribe when you can be as excited (if not more so) for your galpals than they are for themselves. Sometimes, this can feel hard if you’re wishing you had their success in your own life. But remember, their success is unique to them. And yours will be special to you. Wanting and comparing yourself to someone else is a total waste of energy. Know that you’ll have your own success in your own way at your perfect time, and then go back to being the best supporter you can be. It’ll help bond and develop your tribe.
Support, Support, Support
When one of your girls launches a blog, tweet about it. Subscribe to it. Open it every time. When they release a book, buy five. When she gets the job, shout it from the rooftops, even if you’re still interviewing. Support from a place of abundance and excitement, because all of that will come back to you. It’ll show your besties how invested in their success and happiness that you are. And it’ll make you feel just plain GOOD. 
Your tribe is going to be integral in your success. Now and later. Whether it’s getting you through your internships or seeing you to your big launch day, these are the women (and men) who will be the support system that helps you believe in you, even when you don’t. Plus, when you’re all running the world, won’t it be cool to have all a bunch of big wigs to call on?

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It is so hard to overcome the initial reaction to compete with other strong women we encounter but I totally agree with you that we need to change our mindset and work together and befriend these women. Having friends who are strong, successful, and just a wonderful influence in your life is so important. And these are the friendships that last. Thanks for sharing!


Morgan Paige

This is just what I needed! Over the past year my relationships with my girlfriends haven't been as strong but this is so perfect! I'm so blessed to have people that care about me and I look forward to rebuilding those relationships. Thanks for sharing :]

Morgan Paige


We could all use more supportive people in life. I know firsthand that it's hard to be supportive if you aren't entirely happy where you are, but it's SO important. Thanks for the reminder, Maxie!

26 and Not Counting

Jeanni Floyd

Love this post! I always try to be this kind of friend, but it is seriously tough when you're struggling. Plus, I don't think most people I know try to be this kind of friend. We all should strive to elevate each other, rather than just ourselves.