My Winter “At Home” Uniform

If you were to walk into my apartment at any given moment right now, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m wearing something that looks a lot like this. If I’m not wearing this exact outfit, that is.

Working from home may have its challenges, but being able to wear super comfortable clothing all day has to be one of the biggest perks. I love it. Now that’s it’s cold out too, I had been trying to find the perfect at-home, cozy outfit and this is IT.

Carly Heitlinger

Warby Parker

The turtleneck is from my new friend’s company called Dudley Stephens. I was warned that when I got it, I might not wear anything else and that is so the case for me. The turtlenecks are 100% fleece and unbelievably comfortable. One of my biggest pet peeves with turtlenecks is when they feel claustrophobic around my neck. These have an amazing fit all around, no claustrophobia whatsoever.

To address a few things about the turtlenecks:

1. They are sadly sold out right now, BUT I Lauren told me that they’re coming back the first week of February. I will definitely let you know when they’re online and restocked because you pretty much need one (or two), trust me.

2. A few people asked me how it washed. I was worried about that too. I followed the instructions on the tag (wash inside out and air dry) and the turtleneck came out perfectly. Maybe even softer than before, which I didn’t think was possible.

3. The one I have is the Cobble Hill and the length is just right. It covers my whole butt– perfect for leggings– and even has pockets. It fits true to size, but if you’re totally unsure, it wouldn’t hurt to go up a size.

Dudley Stephens

Winter Uniform

As for the rest of the outfit, these leggings have been an absolute staple of mine this winter. They’re currently marked down and you can take an extra 30% off, bringing the total to just over $30. GET THEM.

They fit so well and have faux leather paneling on the front and super stretchy and comfy ponte on the back. No joke, I’d wear them every day if it was socially acceptable. (Kinda do anyway.)

Casual Outfit

And slippers are a must in my apartment in the winter. My heat is so much better than what I had in my apartment in NYC, but it’s really hard to get the temperature just right. It’s either very warm to the point where I’m uncomfortable or not warm enough. So I err on the side of keeping it cooler (feels less stuffy that way) and opt for slippers to keep my feet warm!

Someone asked on Instagram if I’m wearing two different slippers. Nope. Ham chewed one of the strings when he was a puppy. They still function perfectly well as slippers even if they don’t look exactly the same now! They’re also 25% off this weekend– highly recommend.

Carly the Prepster

Turtleneck (c/o) // Leggings (c/o, extra 30% off right now) // Slippers (25% off right now) // Glasses

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$30 dollar leggings?! I literally bought them as soon as I read that. I’m used to paying ~$100 for Lulu so this was a no brainer!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

Okay, that first picture though!!
I love this realistic outfit! I don’t really wear a lot of black (mostly none actually) but this sorta makes me want to.
And total dog mom shout out at the slippers! Love that. But someone actually looked that hard at the picture?! I wouldn’t ever have noticed.


HA – my neck gets claustrophobic as well. I didn’t realize this was a thing. Chokers, turtlenecks, even zipping up my winter coat too high… can’t do it!!!

Kristina Keppeler

Where are your glasses from? They’re super cute and I’m looking for a new pair of tortoise-shell frames!