I love surrounding myself with inspiration:
Beautiful quotations.
Paintings that evoke emotion.
Snippets printed from an email.
A tiny picture of something I love.
Generally, this consists of a post-it note I tuck in my pocket so I find it every so often.  (I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that before on the internet…. so I guess the secret is out!)  I write down a quotation that I carry with me and refer to from time to time.  If I need a pick me up, I pull it out… or if I happen to put my hand in my pocket I’ll happily run into it.
I have a “label” saved on my gmail filled with every single nice email I’ve ever received.  If I ever receive a mean email/comment/tweet/whatever, I select an email from the Nice Label at random.  Instant cheering up!
I like having these little things to help cheer me up, or give me extra motivation, or inspire me to do more… but I would definitely love to have some of these Etsy posters.  When I get an office (??????), I will definitely have a stash of these that I will swap out every so often.  They will not only brighten my mood, but could brighten someone else’s!!!
Sometimes I tend to stay in my comfort zone.  I am perfectly happy staying inside all day reading quietly.  But it’s really important that I be (at least a little) adventurous sometimes!  I think having this print is a cute reminder to step away from my computer and go on a little adventure.

you are braver than you believe. stronger than you seem. smarter than you think. and more loved than you know.

Okay, this is basically self-explanatory.  #coffeeaddict 

New York is my obsession. I have amazing London memories.  And I dream of Paris.

I swear I will be so bored if I don’t do some thing I love.  I am so confident that I will love whatever I do… and I want to wake up every morning knowing that!

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These are perfect. I'm moving into a new apartment in DC and want minimalism with touches of color. Thanks for the linking the Etsy scores!