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What I Wore to “Fashion Week”

I put “fashion week” in quotes for a couple of reasons. First of all, I only went to one show and it was just a presentation. And second, fashion week has dramatically changed the past couple of seasons, so it’s not what it used to be. For better or for worse! I’ve always enjoyed my experiences with fashion week, particularly when I was living in the city. However, I have determined that it’s really just… not for me.

There is a lot of peacocking. I’m sure it’s always been the case, but social media has definitely brought it to a new level. Now it’s who can get photographed outside of the show even if they aren’t going. Guys, I have so many thoughts about it and you really see a little bit of EVERYTHING fashion-wise with what people are wearing (the good, the bad, and the downright… crazy). Knowing myself, I can’t play that game, starting with the very fact that it’s simply not me.

So… I wore something that I knew I’d be comfortable in. I was just bopping into the city for a few hours for the Kate Spade presentation and then lunch with my friend. Such an easy outfit and then I came right back to Connecticut and changed into leggings 😉

(Also, it was cold.)

Flatiron Building

I wore this gray duffel coat I bought from J. Crew two years ago. It’s surprisingly warm without being overly bulky. They have brought it back every year since but unfortunately has already sold out. A non-toggle version is available in a couple of sizes on Nordstrom.

Good news though, if you’re dying for a duffel coat, ASOS has a bigger selection still available. Obsessed with this blue coat!

Carly the Prepster  J. Crew Silk Blouse Bodysuit

I took precisely zero photos without my coat on because I was freezing. (I know the shoes were not the smartest choice!) But I have to call out how absolutely incredible this bodysuit from J. Crew. This is my first foray into bodysuits and, well, I think I’m hooked. I’ll have to do another post where the blouse is more visible because it really is brilliant.

It’s kind of awkward to put on because it looks a little (ehhh, a lot) like a onesie, but it’s 100% worth it because the shirt stays totally tucked in the entire time! It’s a gamechanger. I have a super long torso and was worried that I’d be uncomfortable in it. I heard from a couple of my girlfriends who have regular length torsos that they exchanged for a petite, so that’s something to keep in mind.

This is about to go into TMI territory, but after I posted about this on Instagram, a bunch of people had some questions. So I’m just going to share my answers publicly because I had some of the same questions myself 🙃

Is it difficult to go to the bathroom? Not really. It’s WAY easier than a romper, which you have to pull all the way down awkwardly. The bodysuit has three small snaps that are easy to un and re-snap when you need to. It takes under 20 seconds to re-snap, so it’s really a non-issue.

Does it cause panty lines? Yes… If you wear it exactly “as is,” there is definitely a line. I was kind of disappointed by this initially and would have considered it a dealbreaker. But the underwear portion only has about 20-30% coverage of a regular bikini undie. I ended up just pulling it in like a thong and it was not uncomfortable and the VPL issue was totally resolved. It’s super thin and doesn’t feel bunchy at all.

Carly Heitlinger

Mackenzie Horan

For the show, Kate Spade sent me the new reimagined “Sam” bag. The boxy bag was the original one Kate Spade had back in 1993. Love that they’re bringing back a classic for their 25th anniversary. It comes in two solid colors hot pink (which my friend Mackenzie has) and black plus a striped. I went with the printed version.

This is my first printed handbag, I’m normally more of a solid kind of girl, but I love this print. It goes with so many of my outfits. I especially like it because I’ve been dressing head to toe black in my everyday life this winter and it’s a little pop of personality! There is also a tiny frog in the print that I think it adorable.

Kate Spade Sam

Similar Coat // Silk Blouse Bodysuit // Pants // Similar Shoes (originally c/o, these also look sharp) // Handbag (c/o)

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An Historian

I am considering treating myself to the Sam- how do you feel about the nylon versus the regular leather? I know that originally it was marketed to be worn everywhere, but I’m not sure that I would wear a nylon purse in the evening/more formal situations. How do you think it would transition from your experience?


I don’t think it would work for a super fancy outfit (but mostly due to the size, not that fabric). Otherwise, it can definitely be dressed up!


You look amazing! I am eyeing that bodysuit for a work top thanks to your high praise. I also feel like I need to treat myself to that bag considering we share a name 🙋🏻‍♀️


You looked great and classic! It’s always the right thing to be yourself – I feel like fashion week has gotten a tad repulsive. Sometimes I think I’m seeing people transform into the Capital people from the hunger games!

Eva |


I have such similar feelings to you about Fashion Week – SO not the same. It’s disappointing (I see it from both the brand side at my day job and from the blogging side). BUT I do love your casual look, definitely appropriate for the KS presentation!

The Champagne Edit


Love that the Sam is making an encore–I would love to see them bring back more retro bags! The medium Quinn tote was my go-to for years and years; I would just add a new color or print to my collection every year. I still carry them but my black crocodile print leather one (my all-time fave) is showing wear on the bottom corners and I fear I’m going to have to search the resale sites for a replacement. Love legacy bags! Kind of like “fashion week”, I think that “fashion” has kind of gotten away from itself and I find myself reminiscing about old classics *all* the time. What I wouldn’t give for J.Crew to bring back the original rollneck sweater (I know they recently did an ‘updated’ version, but it had these weird ribs at the shoulders) or for Land’s End to bring back their rugby shirts, or for Fair Isle sweaters with the buttons at the neck to come back in style!


I admire that you stayed true to who you are and what you believe it when it came to fashion week! Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers so I am drooling over the remake of the Sam bag. May just have to order one for myself!


That body suit is super interesting! It’s funny how they show it on the model but that is seriously genius! I tried a body suit from Charoltte Russe last year but ended up returning it because it didn’t feel me. This suit on the other hand is so CUTE! You look amazing it it and I would never have known. Thanks for sharing all the helpful and funny tips!

Katie |