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I kind of work a lot.  I get asked a couple times a day, “How do you have time to do everything?”  Honestly, the answer is that I sit at my desk and just get work done.  I have a list of homework (reading, cases, papers) that needs to be completed, studying (read: memorization) that must be done, emails to be answered, blog posts to be written, articles to be drafted/edited/pitched, and about 298 other things that have made their way onto my to-do lists.
For the most part, I’m so consumed with my work that I don’t even realize how much time I’ve actually spent working.  And I generally like what I’m doing.  (Unless I’m having some sort of issue with technology… and then I want to throw my laptop out the window….. Ugh.)
There are days, although rare, however when sometimes I wish that I only had to do homework.  College Prep kinda takes over my life at times.  Don’t get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  But I get in these weird “coulda woulda shoulda” moods where I think about how my life would be different without it.  Not in a good or bad way, just in a curious way.
And then I have amazing days where I remember just how much FUN what I get to do is.
This past Saturday was one of those days!!!  I was meeting Melissa for the first time in person (pretty anticlimactic considering how much time we’ve spent video conferencing together haha) and Mackenzie to shoot the cover for the March/April Sweet Lemon Magazine!
Even though I was quite sick, I hopped on the MegaBus up to NYC before the crack of dawn Saturday morning.  I met up with Melissa and Mackenzie and Michael (whoa… just realized… three M’s!) in Grand Central.
Our first stop?
I thought this would be a good way to start the morning for a couple of reasons.  1) We are obsessed with doughnuts and 2) I thought it would be a good way for the four of us (Michael included… he was such a trouper!) to relax a little so we could have as much fun as possible during the shoot.
[True Story: I was literally shaking from all the sugar/caffeine I consumed that morning.]
The Doughnut Plant in Chelsea… oh my goodness.  Amazing!!!

Our calling cards.  It’s so funny how much of our personalities are so much in the cards.  They’re so different, but so us.

Our Longchamps were quite like Mary Poppins’ magic bag.  Seriously, we had so much stuff.  Such girls.
Michael took control of the video camera!  (Watch the video at the bottom of the post!)

We were so lucky that the weather was beautiful in February.

How great is he?  Carrying that Longchamp like a, well… like a champ!

Definitely got yelled at for this picture… Whoops!  We just absolutely had to stop by Laduree.  It was worth the 20 minute wait outside in the cold (although, I probably shouldn’t speak on Mackenzie’s behalf here).  I’m actually surprised at how the crowd did not even compare to the Georgetown Cupcake ridiculousness.  Laduree’s line was due to an inefficient in-store design… really!
Our last shot took place on a giant rock in Central Park.  (Note: Can you spot the couple… um…. “hanging out” in the bottom left hand corner? HAHA)
Here’s the video with some pretty funny (and some pretty) footage from the shoot:
My favorite part?  The scenes with the dogs.  I mean, my goodness, those dogs were crazy…

We wrapped the shoot, grabbed a quick dinner together, and then each headed back home: Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C..  I was completely wiped out from the trip, and my feet were terribly sore… but the whole thing was so much fun, I can hardly consider it “work.”


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I just love your calling cards…too cute. You've inspired me to get some of my own printed when I get back to the states. 🙂

Glad you had a good trip…those doughnuts look amazing. Mmmm.
Cheers. xx

Blue-Eyed Belle

Carly, I am right there with you! I spend most of my time working, but to be honest it does not feel like it. I love what I am doing every day and usually forget about other responsibilities (like homework) until the last minute.

is beautiful

Hi there! I'm new (hi-how-are-ya-nice-to-meet-you)

I just wanted to tell you — your blog has brightened my day today. So cheerful and lovely 🙂

~Taylor @


I feel you on this! I'm constantly doing something, whether it be working (one of two jobs), working on something for my blog, or doing school work for my double major. I always feel on the go, but always get stuff done! It's all about being organized, which I totally am!


y'all are seriously adorable! I can't get over Mackenzie's pants – they are awesome!!! Loving reading both of your blogs!