Working from Home

I flew back to Tampa on Friday for my friend’s wedding. I really couldn’t afford to buy plane tickets to return to NYC and then fly back to Florida in time for Thanksgiving. It just made a lot more sense to stay here. Luckily I have the flexibility to work from home, so it all works out!
(Side note: Is Tampa even my “home” anymore?! When do you have to start calling the house you grew up in your “parents’ home”? Weird.)
I’ve already warned my mom (love her) to not bother me… that I really am working. But, I have adopted a uniform.
What do you wear when you work from home?

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I'll be working from my parent's home the week of Christmas (it's weird to call it that…), I'm lucky that my manager is flexible in that respect.
If I don't get somewhat dressed (up), I can't work. So even if it's a pair of jeans and a button down, I have to get out of PJs! 🙂

carelessly graceful


I pretty much wear the same thing 🙂 Anything that is comfortable yet put together because when I get dressed I feel more productive 🙂


Ayona Davidson

I wear these oversized sweats that I bought from Old Navy yeeeeaaars ago haha. They are the best and feel like a blanket for my legs. I also brew a big pot of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee. As a reward for hitting a benchmark in my work I put a bit of Reddi Whip on top. Indulgent? I think not lol.

Jenn from A Pop of Style

You can find me in pretty much this exact same outfit! Love that vest. I just started my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, check it out, and follow if you like what you see!


Erica {A Sooner Sweetheart}

I like the idea that you have a "working from home" outfit, it's a way to I guess you can say "Get you in the zone" for what you want to get done that day.I move to the state I live in when I was 5 weeks old, we live in another town for a little while, than we move to where I call home, all of my memories are here. I tell people that Denver is where I was born and Edmond is home, if i were to move i think i would say this is my new home or something like that.


I definitely think if you're working from home your style should be cozier than what you'd wear to the office, but it still needs to be nice enough to motivate you to do work!


Oh man! How do you do so much work from home? I'm working on my dissertation at home and now research work…can. not. focus.

You have my admiration. I hope one day you do a post on how you remain so fabulously productive and task-oriented working form home.

Julia D.

Nothing that cute! I usually just wear Lulus or leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. Good luck working and I hope you enjoy your time at home!